Fake Bakes Recipe - Tesco Fried Egg Easter Cake

Easter is probably my favourite time of year to bake! The promise of spring around the corner, and the abundance of EASTER EGGS!


It's also been the most fun for fake baking. Previously we've done mini egg nests and eggs on toast. This time I wanted to play on the eggs on toast theme further - with FRIED eggs on toast.

Fake_Bake_Recipe_Mocha_Creme_Egg (1)

I could've cheated using Haribo fried eggs...but they were actually putting me over the £10 budget. So I decided to chance it with marshmallows. It was tricky AND sticky but super fun as a challenge. I had initially got the galaxy caramel filled mini eggs to be able to scoop out the middle for the yolk. However, *somebody* ate them on the sly so I had to replace them at short notice and could only find the reese's ones with peanut butter filling.

Tesco Chocolate Fake Bake £10

For £10 at Tesco, I think this Easter fake bake bangs!

Fake Bake Recipe - Fried Egg Easter Cake


2x Ready-made Chocolate Cakes

1 tub (400g) of ready-made Chocolate flavour frosting

Madeira cake loaf

Mini Marshmallows

Mini Reese's Chocolate Eggs

Tesco Easter Fake Bake Ingredients 


1. Prepare the cake decorating station with a cake turntable, angled palette knife, cake scraper, a cake board, a tablespoon, a piping bag fitted with a small star nozzle, and a spatula.

2. Unbox the cakes. Smear a dollop of frosting in the middle of the cake board on the turntable, and then place one of the layer cakes on the board. Pick off any chocolate curl decorations from the top and keep aside for later.

3. Decant the frosting into a bowl and whip or stir to loosen and lighten it. Pipe some frosting along the top edge of the cake and stack the second cake on. Remove the chocolate curls from the top and keep aside. Pipe the frosting around the cake and smooth it with the edge of the palette knife, or a plastic cake scraper. No need to smooth the top. Place in the fridge to chill and set.

Tesco Tall Chocolate Cake £10
4. Melt some mini marshmallows in the microwave or over a double boiler. using wet hands, pull off dollops, roll smooth and place in between two moistened freezer bags or baking parchment. Use a rolling pin to roll over the top to flatten. This will be the white of the "fried eggs".
Marshmallow Egg Whites

5. Cut a few chocolate eggs in half. Scoop out the peanut butter gently from the eggs. using lightly moistened hands roll the peanut butter into small balls and place on top of the marshmallow "egg whites". This is the "yolk"!

6. Slice the madeira cake loaf.

Madeira Cake Toast

7. Fit a piping bag with a small star nozzle and pipe the remaining frosting over the top and along the base of the cake.

Tesco Fake Bake Chocolate Frosting

Place a few slices of the madeira on top. Pipe a small dollop of frosting on each slice. Place the fried eggs on top.

Tesco £10 Chocolate Eggs Fake Bake

9. Finish decorating with madeira loaf crumbs, remaining mini eggs and the saved chocolate curls.

Tesco Chocolate Fake Bake £10

So what do you think of our Fried Egg FAKE BAKE?! I love how the fried eggs turned out - if only the yolks didn't look like pigeon poop in colour.

Tesco Chocolate Cake £10

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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