Fake Bakes Recipe - Sainsburys Chocolate Orange Cake

For this week's Fake Bakes Recipe I've gone rogue. Having done a poll on Instagram regarding which supermarket cakes our followers would like to see me dress up, Caterpillar came up tops. I'm not sure how to improve on the perfection that is Colin...and even though Aldi does a cheaper knock-off I'm not near an Aldi. So I abandoned Colin and chose the next popular suggestion of coffee cake.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake (2)
This is our bespoke Hungry Caterpillar cake but it's going to be quite the challenge to get it under a tenner.


I went to Sainsbury's, browsed their birthday cakes, and picked up two of their coffee cakes at £2 each (what a great price!). Walking up and down the aisles for decorating inspiration...all I came across was the absolute abundance of Chocolate Orange flavour. It was EVERYWHERE. Having spotted the lovely sounding Sainsbury's own Valencian Orange Chocolate tub frosting my head was turned. 

Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - frosting

Chocolate Orange Terry's is the OG in my books. But then I saw white choc orange Terry's segments, chocolate orange Maryland cookies, chocolate orange Maltesers, chocolate orange Penguins, chocolate orange Kit Kats, chocolate orange fingers...(and also chocolate orange Clubs...which I have now been schooled on as I'd never come across a Club before!). 

Chocolate Orange Confectionary

So I'm really sorry to everyone who voted for Colin or coffee, but I couldn't resist the call of the choccy orange. It was soooo difficult to choose the decorations from everything on offer. In the end I chose a classic Terry's choc orange, choc orange matchsticks and these very intriguing Jaffa Nibbles balls, along with a cheap 99p jar of chocolate spread for the drip. I barely scraped it under a tenner at £9.99 total. I had to even cancel the Bag for Life!

Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe

I personally think, this Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange cake is the best one yet. Nobody asked for it, but here it is!

Fake Bake Recipe - Chocolate Orange Cake


2x Ready-made Round Chocolate Layer Cakes (5" or 6" size)

1 tub (400g) of ready-made buttercream-style Chocolate Orange frosting

1 Terry's Chocolate Orange

Chocolate Orange Matchsticks

Jaffa Nibbles balls

Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - Ingredients  


1. Prepare the cake decorating station with a cake turntable, angled palette knife, cake scraper, a cake board, a tablespoon, a piping bag fitted with a small star nozzle, a knife and a spatula.  

2. Unbox the cakes. Smear a dollop of buttercream in the middle of the cake board on the turntable, and then place one of the layer cakes on the board. Remove any paper wrapping along the edges.

Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - first layer cake 

3. Decant the buttercream into a bowl and loosen it with a spatula. Dab some buttercream on the top of the cake. This layer cake is already frosted at the top so you only need to spread a little bit to even it out roughly. Stack the second layer cake on top. Remove the paper wrapping.

Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - stacked layer cakes

4. Spread and smooth buttercream. Run a cake scraper along the sides of the cake. Spread and smooth buttercream over the top of the cake.

Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - smoothing frosting

Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - frosted cake

5. Make the Chocolate Orange ganache drip. Melt approx. 12 Terry's segments in a microwave safe bowl at 30 seconds at a time, stirring between each blast.


Or melt it gently over a double boiler. Heat 40ml of water (or 2-3 tablespoons) until just simmering and pour gently into the melted chocolate and stir to combine until smooth.  

Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - water ganache
Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - chocolate orange water ganache 

6. Pour a tablespoon of the chocolate orange ganache along the sides of the cake. Use the back of the spoon to push drips gently over the edge.

Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - drip technique

Flood the centre with the ganache until covered. 

Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - drip cake

7. Fit a piping bag with a small star nozzle tip and fill with the remaining frosting. Pipe a few swirls around the top in any pattern.

Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - piped frosting

Decorate with Terry's chocolate orange segments, chocolate orange matchsticks and Jaffa Nibbles balls.

Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - decorate with terrys chocolate orange

Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - decorate with matchsticks, jaffa balls
Considering not one of our 50k+ followers requested a chocolate orange cake...I'm blown away by the response to it! I'm really rather pleasantly surprised I'm not the only one that thinks it's the best Fake Bakes yet. 
Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - feature image
Chocolate Orange Fake Bakes Feedback
I did buy a 99p jar of chocolate spread to use as a drip. But partway through decorating I had a better idea to make a ganache out of the Terry's chocolate orange segments as the whole orange wasn't going to be used to decorate the cake anyway! But without the budget for butter or cream, I resorted to water to make a ganache. Many people were surprised about mixing water with chocolate. It's actually a very common way to make ganache - warm water to warm melted chocolate (not cold water, because then the chocolate will definitely seize). Whilst butter will always be my first choice, followed closely by cream, for the purposes of this challenge water works perfectly as it's free (kind of).
And you guessed right, Terry's chocolate orange drip is freakin' DELICIOUS.
Fake Bakes Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe - slice
This Fake Bakes was surprisingly so easy and visually stunning. If you're looking for half-term activities to keep the kids occupied, this is really good fun. Or if you need a quick but impressive birthday cake, nobody will guess it came from the supermarket. And, if you really CBA to do this you could also order our luxury Chocolate Orange Drip cake for delivery across London. 
Chocolate Orange Drip Cake 

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo 

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