Fake Bakes Featured in The Sun

The £10 Supermarket Fake Bake Cakes are legit FAMOUS now! We did it! It's been featured in The Sun!

The Sun £10 Supermarket Fake Bake Cake Challenge 05

I can't hide my excitement. What started as just a little hobby for me and X-ray has inspired so many. So many of you are sharing your showstopping supermarket glow-up cakes on a budget. And regardless of it being a 'success' or not, the fun that's being had is having a ripple effect.

The Sun £10 Supermarket Fake Bake Cake Challenge 02

I love seeing how it’s inspired other bakeries to do their own versions of fake bakes under a tenner. Some have even done free-from fake bakes such as vegan or gluten-free versions, which whilst are generally above the tenner threshold they are still bargainous all considering.

The Sun £10 Supermarket Fake Bake Cake Challenge 01

It's getting trickier as costs rise - I'm seeing this happening at Tesco and Sainsbury's when cakes are taken off discounted offers. I hope more and more people take up on the £10 Fake Bake challenge so the supermarkets can take notice and hopefully cater for our budgets more. 

The Sun £10 Supermarket Fake Bake Cake Challenge 03

As a recap, my Fake Bakes challenge rules (set by myself for myself) are:

1) Strict £10 max budget

2) One shop only

3) No oven, no mixers (microwave allowed)

4) No extra ingredients (water allowed)

These rules are set so I can challenge myself  each week. It helps push my creative boundaries when I have limitations in place. Whilst the rules are set in stone for ME, it's not for anyone else inspired by the Fake Bake series! Feel free to use the ideas and techniques I share to make your own Fake Bake however you wish. And have fun whilst doing it! I know you will :)

The Sun £10 Supermarket Fake Bake Cake Challenge 04

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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