Emoji Birthday Cake

I am partial to using an emoji. Actually I'm probably a bit too partial to it and am more likely to use more emoji than actual text in a sentence. And why use just the one "laughing cry face" when you can use THREE in a row??

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Emoji Birthday Cake

Image and cupcakes by @jesslovely82 

My favourites are well...laughing cry face of course 😂, heart eyes 😍, geeky glasses face 🤓, and smiley turd 💩 (although I have to practice a LOT of self restraint to not use the latter on social media - cake and turd not so good paired). And as sad as it is, I probably give as much thought to which emojis I can use to go with my post (husband will be doing #majoreyeroll at that...)

emoji birthday cake

I was so excited when we received a bespoke chocolate birthday cake order from a lovely customer whose daughter is as emoji obsessed as myself! AND cool face and heart eyes are her faves too! Plus, the doughnut 🍩 and cookie 🍪 emoji - which is just perfect because you know...CAKE 🎂.

I made the most emoji look-alike cookies I've ever seen and they were delightfully crisp around the edges and soft and chewy in the middle with nice chunky chocolate chips throughout.

emoji chocolate chip cookies

The baked buttermilk chocolate glazed doughnuts were ALREADY doppelgängers of their corresponding emoji.

emoji doughnuts

And then we made some emoji face macarons with our fave faces to finish it all off all emoji-tastic!

emoji macarons

Happy 9th Birthday Cadence - we had such fun making this cake for you and hope you have the most fun birthday 😎😍🍪🍩.

Lots of love,
Reshmi xoxo

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