Is it cool to order a doughnut birthday cake?

It's popular to combine ingredients from different dishes to make bizarre new dishes, such as macaroni and cheese atop burgers or milkshakes with cotton candy and candies sprinkled on top. Doughnut cakes are also a newcomer to this field.

You may have doughnut cakes in two forms: with genuine doughnuts on top or as-usual cakes. Choosing between the two is like choosing a favourite child. The doughnut cake is the top-shelf version of the Anges De Sucre birthday cake category, so we have included examples of the best doughnut cakes offered by Anges de Sucre for your next or upcoming birthday.

10 amazing doughnut birthday cakes to try

Below mentioned are the coolest doughnut birthday cakes by Anges de Sucre:

1. Doughnut Cookie Monster Cake

Doughnut Cookie Monster Cake

Price: £85.00 GBP

One of our most popular desserts for those who like eating doughnuts, Oreo cookies, and cakes. It also has a bit of a cult status as it is widely imitated but unmatched. Our original Doughnut cake has Oreo crumbs, Cookies & Cream Belgian white chocolate shards, and baked buttermilk doughnuts. Simply the most incredible cake ever created for a celebration. Chocolate sponges made from Belgian chocolate layered with silky smooth Oreo Swiss meringue buttercream frosting.

2. Pink Sweetheart Cake

Pink Sweetheart Cake

Price: £150.00 GBP

There are three layers of delectable vanilla sponge cake, and the overall design is a flowery pink. It is embellished with pink doughnuts, frosting, and popcorn; doughnuts make it a perfect piece for a birthday celebration.

3. Leopard Print Cake

Leopard Print Cake

Price: £150.00 GBP

A leopard pattern adorns the three layers of freshly baked vanilla sponge cake, plenty of baked doughnuts topped with wafer curls, and a splattering of salted caramel and chocolate icing over cooked buttermilk doughnuts in an animal design.

Swiss meringue buttercream is both silky and smooth, available in salted caramel, chocolate, and vanilla flavours, and delicately hand-decorated to resemble a leopard pattern.

4. Mademoiselle Matcha Croquembouche Cake

    Mademoiselle Matcha Croquembouche Cake

    Price: £1,000.00 GBP

    Are you looking for a spectacular, show-stopping doughnut dessert to commemorate a birthday celebration? No need to keep looking!

    Glazed and buttercream-filled choux buns and eclairs, baked buttermilk doughnuts in matcha and raspberry glazes, a lovely assemblage of macarons, Ferrero Rocher and matcha "soft-serve" frosting cones, piped buttercream flowers, chocolate pearls, and silver-lustre candied popcorn adorn the tower.

    5. Gaga-Rainbow Cake

    Gaga-Rainbow Cake

    Price: £130.00 GBP

    While whipping up this psychedelic rainbow cake, a Lady Gaga mix is playing in the background. We are not ashamed to proclaim our undying love for Lady Gaga.

    In addition, we will proudly proclaim that Anges de Sucre's GAGA-Rainbow Cake is the absolute pinnacle of all cakes. Inviting an array of cooked buttermilk doughnuts in a rainbow of colours and colourful chocolate shavings for decoration.

    6. Emoji Cake

      Emoji Cake

      Price: £130.00 GBP

      Do you, or does someone you know, have an emoji addiction? Then, look no further than this hilarious and delectable birthday cake.

      Featuring chocolate chip cookies, buttermilk doughnuts, and macarons with emoji faces painted by hand. There are three layers of cake: chocolate, red velvet, and vanilla, all held together with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.

      It is frosted with blue, yellow, and white striped patterns. Our trademark Belgian chocolate drip-style coating finishes off this towering masterpiece.

      7. Chocomatcha Green Tea Doughnut Cake

      Chocomatcha Green Tea Doughnut Cake

      Price: £85.00 GBP

      This matcha doughnut cake is delightful, adorable, and delicious—just what matcha fans need. Japanese matcha Green tea Swiss meringue frosting is spread thickly between two layers.

      Freshly baked buttermilk doughnuts and chocolate macarons sit above a bed of Belgian chocolate ganache.

      8. Royal Doughnut Cookie Monster Cake

      Royal Doughnut Cookie Monster Cake

      Price: £85.00 GBP

      Swiss meringue buttercream flavoured with cocoa cookies and cream and a Belgian chocolate drip glaze cover our decadent chocolate sponge cake layers. Do you wish there were some zing and glam sprinkled on your cake? That's a given!

      You can customise the size guide and shipping details if you're having a birthday party or event and want to purchase Anges de Sucre's most royal golden Oreo cake.

      9. Pink Wink Cake

      Pink Wink Cake

      Price: £130.00 GBP

      Everyone who sees this cake will start winking at its cute shades of pink. This princess cake is so stunning it must always be the centre of attention.

      It is garnished with ruby chocolate pearls, maltesers, peanut butter cups, a pink ombre frosting, and baked buttermilk doughnuts in various sizes.

      10. Ghetto-Riche Chocoholics Cake

      Ghetto-Riche Chocoholics Cake

      Price: £85.00 GBP

      If chocolate was illegal and we were all put to death by chocolate, this would be the cake we chose to eat before we died. Ghetto-Riche Chocoholics Cake is a delicious dessert adorned with lavish embellishments and plenty of gold.

      It is filled to the brim with baked buttermilk chocolate glazed doughnuts, gold macarons, gold Oreos, gold pretzels, gold Maltesers, and gold ROLOS. If a chocoholic had to choose their final supper, this cake would be it.

      Frosted in a semi-naked fashion to provide a sneaky glimpse of the sumptuous sponge layers underneath with silky smooth Belgian chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream. And last, we've glazed the whole thing in our exclusive Belgian chocolate glaze.

      Birthday doughnut cakes are better with Anges de Sucre

      We know how crucial it is to have a delicious and memorable cake for your celebration. Anges de Sucre can make your birthday unforgettable.

      Cookies and cream for the cookie-loving monsters, Matcha green tea for the cultural vultures, and Peanut Butter Pink Wink for the dazzling divas; our doughnut cakes are fun, cool, and available in a deliciously delectable selection of flavours.

      There is no place for these doughnut cakes, making them ideal for birthday parties. You must try the coolest doughnut cakes we recommended and share your experience with these fantastic birthday special doughnut cakes. Check out Anges de Sucre to order doughnut cake for your special ones on their special day!

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