Doughnut birthday cake

Birthday Cake Farringdon

Ping pong and cake - that’s SUCH a great birthday party! I’m hopeless at ball sports, but I’m the least hopeless at ping pong so count me in!

On my first week back to work after taking little X-Ray on his first trip to the motherland (where I gained about 20% of my body weight in biryani), I got stuck right into work on so many tiered cakes. One of our original Doughnut Cake designs is still one of our most popular as a birthday cake, and still one of my favourites to make.

We’ve made it in many different sizes, ranging from mini 4” versions for press events, to 4-tiered versions for weddings!  This two-tiered 10” and 12” stacked layer cake was delivered for a birthday at Bounce Farringdon this weekend and is stashed full of chocolate glazed baked doughnuts, macarons, maltesers, rolos, Oreos, more macarons and loads of delicious crack-like salted caramel crispearls (I only say crack-like cuz it’s addictive AF).

It normally is made with our delicious freshly baked and super moist chocolate sponge with gorgeous salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream but our customer customised this one to a carrot cake sponge. 

Birthday Cake Farringdon | London


We hope it went down a storm at Bounce!

Happy 21st Birthday Lizzie :)

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo


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