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I feel like a TOTAL sell-out. Absolute legit proper sell-out-Suzy I am, but it’s for our customers’ and our own good.

For years we’ve been turning away customers asking for bespoke novelty cakes, fondant cakes etc and it was a combination of my pride (like uhhh why don’t you want one of OUR amazing buttercream drip cakes ehhhh?!?), refusal to copy cakes outright (which we still do and will continue to) but also in an effort to streamline our processes as we were reeling from the fallout of having closed that shop in Kensington. I would say we have turned away hundreds of bespoke cake enquiries as we simply didn’t even consider catering for those requests, regardless of the budget. And there was also an element of self-doubt - bespoke cakes require A LOT of time, and time costs money, would customers even pay for that??

Orca Cake London

However, over the past few years we’ve been taking more and more bespoke orders on, as we not only expand our range of cakes to include our popular Peter Rabbit and Fat Unicorn cakes but also offer customisations such as edible hand modelled cake toppers etc. So what’s changed??

Pink Peter Rabbit Cake 

With our feet firmly into London's stiff cake competition, our customers seek us out and keep coming back to us for more and want bigger and better than before, which I pinch myself about everyday still! While our website offering caters for a wide variety of budgets in terms of birthday cakes and our most expensive offering, the croquembouche, our customers have been asking for more, and it is getting more and more difficult to say no to the customers we love! So we find ways to say yes, and as the saying goes, team work makes the dream work - working with Daisy as our fondant fairy cake godmother has been a whole lot of fun, mixed in with a sprinkling of frustration which only adds to the fun.

Panda Macarons

Daisy and I have been working on cakes together for many years now and recently on a top secret project which involved these panda macarons (7 failed batches yo! Can ya feel the frustration?! ) and the cutest little entremet-style gateaux with pistachio sable biscuit base, chocolate genoise sponge layers, Swiss meringue buttercream, raspberry gelee, popping candy and raspberry meringue toadstools. 

Fairy Forest Mini Cake 

It’s been fun to push each others’ creative boundaries and we thought, “hey let’s not end this party, let’s get our cake-heads and hands together and offer this to our customers too!” Hence we now cater for customers with truly bespoke cake enquiries and who have the budgets (and lead time) to make it happen....well the panda macarons may just be out of EVERYONE's budget though priced at £2,000 a piece, the lil b@St@rds!

Panda Macarons

I don’t even know why I feel the need to explain why we are now offering a bigger range to include fondant covered bespoke cakes - perhaps it’s because I was accused of being “inauthentic” and “chasing the green pound” when we started offering vegan cakes...but I’m quite happy to be chasing the fondant pound too now if it means we make our customers happy giving them what they want whilst also indulging our creative minds.

Daisy and Reshmi

Ultimately, it’s also worth reminding myself where Anges de Sucre came from - my teeny kitchen table making just macarons, those twee little fancy French patisseries. From those humble beginnings, and coming to where we are now, as one of London’s leading cake makers (that’s not me saying it! Ask Vogue and Time Out, ahem cough cough ;)), I’m very excited about what Daisy and I bake up together and can’t wait to show you guys (unless it's top secret of course)! 

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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October 03, 2018

£2000 a piece for this panda macaroons. Damn. If bespoke pays that much, go for it

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