Corporate Logo Cakes

Birthday cakes aren't just for you and me getting another year older. We make cakes to celebrate company anniversaries too! I think team bonding is the best with cake too. Companies and businesses are only as good as their people. So treating your staff to a beautiful, on-brand and delicious cake seems like the perfect way to celebrate a company milestone.
We have baked and delivered so many different types of corporate cakes. The most popular style is the one with printed company logos on edible icing. We don't just plonk it on a cake though. That's boring, and we definitely don't do boring at Anges. Our logo cakes have that all-important high-end buttercream finish with swirls and whirls, with or without a glossy drip.
Gluten Free Corporate Logo Cakes London
We've made gluten-free corporate cakes, and vegan corporate cakes too. It's always so satisfying seeing all of them baked and decorated together - like a gang of cakes in uniform!
Vegan Corporate Logo Cakes London
Other than the simpler logo cakes, we also make fully customised cakes with hand-modelled fondant toppers. These cakes for Impulse and Garnier are some of our favourites.
Corporate Cakes for Impulse
The best thing about our corporate cakes is how Instagram-able they are. Loads of companies send out corporate cakes with their logos stuck on all the time. But how many times have YOU seen them being shared by excited recipients on social media? Whenever we have had our cakes gifted to press there's been a flurry of social media mentions which is AWESOME.
Garnier Corporate Cakes
Every office gets a feel-good buzz from a cake being cut and shared. We've made large tiered cakes for big company parties with elaborate decor. But the smaller, simpler, yet tasteful, branded logo cakes are just as effective when sent out as gifts to press or clients.
If you have an important company milestone to celebrate, do it with cake. And do it with OUR cake. We won't be the cheapest, but we make sure each cake is individually hand-finished to our highest standard and taste as good as they look. We even hand-deliver each cake to its recipient in London safe and sound as part of our complete service.
Lee Stafford Corporate Cakes
Get in touch with your budget and requirements and we'd love to cake up for your company celebration.

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