8 Chocolate Cakes For the Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is almost here! With everything merry, bright, and cosy, it has to be one of the most fun times of the year. The Yuletide spirit brings everyone joy, from decorating your home, packing & unpacking gifts, organising gatherings, playing games, and enjoying delectable cakes! Talking about the cakes! If there were one way to add magic and sweetness to any celebration, it would be through a delicious cake. These fluffy and flavoursome treats can delight your loved ones almost instantly. 

Some things never get old, instead, they become classic, and cakes are just that. Let's be honest; no celebration ever felt complete without indulging in a freshly-made gooey cake. And when it is a decadent chocolate cake, it is hard to stop at just one slice. So why not add an chocolate cake to your party menu, or include it in your gift packs for those extra special people who appreciate the goodness of heavenly cakes? 

The holiday season gives the best opportunity for enjoying and sharing the love of everything sweet and delightful! When it comes to picking the perfect chocolate cake, it's all about a fluffy sponge, thick ganache, and of course, the decadent chocolate taste. And you will be pleased to know that our cakes tick all the boxes. 

Our tasty little beauties are hand-made to perfection and packed with love to offer an indulgent experience every time you take a bite. So, if you are looking for a Christmas cake, look no further!

Our chocolate cakes will be the star attraction at any festive feast!

1. Chocolate Truffle Cake -

Did you say a sinful delight? Well, that's how good our chocolate truffle cake is! One of the classic and beloved cakes of all time, chocolate truffle cakes will melt as soon as it goes into your mouth, bursting the taste of pure chocolate goodness. It is indeed a crowd-pleaser and will be the perfect Christmas treat for your family and friends.

2. Chocolate Caramel Cake -

A decadent chocolate sponge filled and topped with salted caramel icing, Ghetto Rich Salted chocolate caramel cake makes everybody fall for it. We layer our cake with crushed chocolate bars for an extra caramel crunch. With fresh and well-sourced ingredients, our chocolate caramel cakes are the ultimate desserts for Christmas celebrations.

Price: £85.00 GBP

Naked Salted Caramel Cake London

3. Belgian Chocolate Cake -

Love chocolate without it being too sweet? If that's the case, you are in for a treat with Belgian chocolate cake. Prepared with authentic Belgian chocolate and freshly-sourced ingredients, the bittersweet taste of this dessert will linger in your mouth, leaving you craving for more. The hint of bitterness takes this moist Belgian chocolate cake to a whole new level.

4. Chocolate Mud Cake -

Indulge a little (or a lot) in the soft, rich, and velvety texture of our heavenly mud cakes. A delight for all die-hard chocolate lovers, a slice of these cakes will make your Christmas more blissful and full of irresistible flavours. The toothsome cake will make you surrender to the powers of sweet indulgence.

5. Black Forest -

It's hard to find someone who doesn't have a strong feeling about a delectable black forest cake. Baked with the richness of cocoa and fresh vanilla cream and topped with chocolate shavings, black forest cake can satisfy your taste buds to the fullest. This Christmas, savour the original taste of all time classic, a luscious black forest cake.

Price: £100.00 GBP

Black Forest Cake

6. Chocolate Cupcakes -

Good things come in small packages, isn't it? Well, our sumptuous Chocolate Peanut Butter Maltshake Cupcakes are proof. The best part? Besides the toothsome taste, you get to enjoy the creative artwork with the whipped cream on the cake - perfect for your vibrant Christmas festivities. Plus, the children in your home will absolutely love them.

Price: £80.00 GBP

Chocolate Peanut Butter Maltshake Cupcakes

7. Triple Chocolate Cake -

The layers of decadent ferrero rochers, nutella buttercream, chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough and oreos , and high sweetness content of this cake would be a perfect delicacy to notch up your Christmas eve. Decorated with Ferrero Rocher 'ice cream' cones, crushed hazelnuts, you might expect this cake to be extra decadent. Treat your friends and family to this cake and let them soak in the blissful Christmas vibes.

Nutella Ferrero Rocher Cake

8. Chocolate Fudge Cake -

In an ode to Christmas, chocolate fudge cake is positively whimsical. It's comforting, delectable, and well chocolatey! A rich layer of milk and dark chocolate on a warm brownie baked to perfection - you simply cannot resist MacFudge cake. Enriched with chocolates and ornamented with beautiful decorations, it is the perfect addition to your merry and joyful Christmas eve.

Price: £85.00 GBP

Macfudge Cake

Heighten the lovely and happy feels of your Christmas celebrations with enticing and mouth-watering delights. These 8 Christmas chocolate cakes will take you on a tour of the chocolaty world during the festive season. From exotic cakes to creative cupcakes, our mouth-watering selection of chocolate cakes will make your Christmas eve worth remembering. Whether you organise a family get-together, a party with your colleagues, or a friend's reunion this season, these delicious chocolate cakes will help you make lasting impressions on your loved ones. 

With Anges De Sucre, you do not have to worry about the dessert arrangements for Christmas celebrations across London, Berkshire, and Surrey. We provide you with an online space where you can easily access our selection of thoughtfully assorted chocolate cakes that can gratify your senses. You can add tempting magic to your festivities with unprecedented ease.

So, while you juggle between 'work from home' and 'work of home', Anges De Sucre will take the responsibility of making your holiday season enjoyable and chocolaty. 

We, at Anges De Sucre, deliver decadent and fluffy cakes right to your doorstep. Freshly prepared and packed with love, our cakes will reach you on time, fresh and gooey. No matter the location or time, we ensure timely delivery to put a smile on everyone's face. Can you even wait to enjoy these cakes until Christmas?

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