Carrot Cake Delivery For All Occasions

At Anges de Surcre we’re all for a classic, but when it comes to the best carrot cake delivery, we reckon we’ve got some of the most imaginative ideas around. 

Carrot cake is actually a really versatile recipe, and with that little nod to health in the background (yes, we might be counting it as one of our five a day!), we think this classic cake is just waiting to be dressed up in all kinds of ways.

At Anges de Sucre you know that dressing up cakes is just what we love to do. So whether you’re looking for your own creative ideas, or you want to buy carrot cake online we’re very confident we’ve got something to fit the bill. 

A Classic Carrot Cake for the Grown-ups

You’ve heard the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and maybe it was never quite so true as with a classic carrot cake. If there’s a grown-up gathering on your horizon and you’d like a carrot cake delivery for a show-stopping display, this is definitely the one to go for.

Carrot Cake London Delivery

This cake is so moist and light, with a lovely texture of nutty crunch against smooth, buttercream frosting. Size it up or down, depending on the crowd you’ve got to feed, and add a free message on a yummy chocolate plaque.

Safari Carrot Cake for a Child’s Birthday

These days we get to hang out with quite a few little people and so far we’ve not met one that doesn’t like carrot cake. That’s why it’s the perfect base for this safari themed birthday cake.

We’ve seen with our own eyes how wild little kids get over the bright colours and faces of animals. The lion, giraffe, elephant and monkey here are all shaped in fondant and then we’ve added cheeky little details with buttercream.

There are three layers of light carrot cake sponge, all sandwiched and frosted with vanilla buttercream in sunset orange. We know how much you love to make it personal too, so you can also choose to add a special message on a chocolate plaque.

We get that it takes a lot to plan a birthday party and at least this is one way to take a bit of stress out and really look forward to things instead.

Honestly, if you’re looking to buy carrot cake online for a kids birthday party, we reckon this is one of the best bespoke birthday cakes you’ll find in London.

DIY A Simple Carrot Cake Traybake

If you fancy an easy-peasy version of carrot cake to make yourself, then whipping up a traybake version is pretty quick and simple. Make sure you line your cake tin though - you don’t want your hard work sticking to the inside!

Once the carrot cake’s cooked and cooled, spread on a classic cream cheese frosting by whipping up cream cheese, icing sugar and a spot of lemon zest. Cut it up into squares and top each piece with a cute orange marzipan carrot that’s easy to shape in your hands. Yum. 

A Carrot Cake Without Nuts

When it comes to nut allergies, there’s no messing about, especially if kids are involved. Walnut might be the classic ingredient for carrot cake, but if it’s walnuts that are the problem, try swapping out for pecans, or just omit the nuts all together. 

It’s really a matter of personal taste, but the truth is that if you’re baking at home and you don’t use raisins or nuts in your carrot cake at all, you can still come out with something just as tasty. The nuts won’t change the actual structure of your sponge, so pack the carrots in and enjoy.

A Personalised Carrot Cake with Peter Rabbit

He’s got a British heritage to rival the royals and a hilarious movie out earlier this year. Show us a kid who doesn’t adore Peter Rabbit?

Our Peter Rabbit cake bears the bunny himself in hand-modelled fondant, caught red-handed in a buttercream vegetable garden. There’s Oreo cookie soil and three layers of carrot cake sponge which is why this treat is always a sure-fire hit with big kids and small.

And there you go. Carrot cakes that rock for all kinds of occasions.

We hope that if you’ve been looking for carrot cake inspiration, this this has given you a head start. If there’s something you’d love to see us make with carrot cake, then just get in touch and let us know.

And if you’ve got something coming up in the diary quite soon and you need your carrot cake delivery in a hurry, then no problem.  We only need two days notice to get your cake ready - just see our delivery details for all the info or ask us a question and we’ll get straight back to you.

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