Cakes and Creativi-tea at Holly & Co St Margarets

When Holly Tucker, founder of the ginormous, got in touch with us about supplying her new venture, Holly & Co, I was floored just by the flattery of being considered. Holly is an incredibly inspiring woman who built a tech start-up from scratch that grew into a behemoth from her own kitchen table, championing the small, independent creative business model. She's also won an MBE for her services to the UK's small business industry, and is a source of inspiration for all start-ups. So yes, I was extremely excited and chuffed to be chosen as a supplier for her new shop in St Margarets.

Holly & Co

Up until the opening, it was all very much top secret. I wasn't privy to any more information other than the work/shop would be a space for creatives to find inspiration, advice and anyone to gather over great cake (obvs) and coffee. This past weekend was it's launch weekend where they finally opened the doors to the public and I was first in at the crack of dawn because I literally could not wait to find out. Good golly gosh, what a BEAUTIFUL space - literally the MOST INSTAGRAMMABLE SHOP I've ever seen!

Holly & Co coffee

Not only did they do wicked coffee cake, it was so cool to see my picture up on the "Wall of Fame" with all the other independent makers featured in the shop for the month - from quirky stationery such as cards and notebooks, to arty terrariums, totes and other homewares.

Holly & Co St Margarets

The fridge was stocked with a colourful array of healthy juices, and the counter was stashed with artisan naughty baked goods - sausage rolls, Ampersants (Holly & Co's own spin on the humble croissant), brownies, and of course, our cakes and cupcakes.

Holly & Co Cupcakes

Holly & Co Cakes

Every little detail in the shop is uplifting and inspiring, from the mugs to the pencils, even the doormat! Whether you're local to St Margarets or nearby in Twickenham, Teddington, Richmond, Isleworth etc or further afield, it's definitely worth a visit to catch up with friends or creative colleagues. Find our cakes (this month it's an Artisan Red Velvet and Carrot & Walnut) and cupcakes (Yolo-Rolo and Cookies & Cream Milkshake), grab a cuppa and let the space hug you.

Holly & Co Cupcake

See you there!

Lots of Love,



Holly & Co

149 St. Margarets Rd

Twickenham TW1 1RG


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