Cake Sandwiches - The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Earlier this week I mentioned me creating cake pizzas and waxing lyrical about its greatness. But I may have just chanced upon the greatest invention* yet...

The Cake Sandwich.

Layers of hero sponge filled with delightful fillings, all neatly packaged up for the ULTIMATE CAKE CONVENIENCE.

Birthday Cake Sandwich

The idea came to me when I thought about how much I hated cupcakes. It's the most basic of all treats, and so very boring. Give me a layer cake ANYDAY over a blah glorified muffin. 

The cupcake's only saving grace is its convenience. It's in a ready container - the cupcake case, and you don't need cutlery to eat it. It can also be munched on the go (although you'll look like an idiot with frosting around your mouth and nose, out and about). A layer cake, by contrast, is fussier - it needs a plate, and a knife and a fork or spoon or spork at the very least. And you can't eat it on the go.

They say the greatest inventions are those that solve a crucial problem for society. The wheel, the compass, the light bulb, the telephone. They all solved problems and made life better for humans. Now, here I am, making every human's life better and solving so many problems by inventing a cake, in sandwich form - one that can be eaten without mess, on the go, neatly packaged up, with the bonus option of being able to save half a sandwich for later.

Cake Sandwich Filling

The Birthday Cake Sandwich is my first foray into the world of pret-a-sponger. Funfetti hero sponge layers filled with Swiss meringue buttercream, strawberry jam, sprinkles, ruby chocolate crispearls, and crushed custard creams. All the delightful moist, tender and soft sponge textures with the silky smoothness of Swiss meringue buttercream, and crunch of tasty fillings of crispearls and custard creams. If you have to have a sandwich on your birthday, make it THIS one.

Funfetti Sponge Cake Sandwich

The next cake sandwich I tried was the Kinder Bueno sandwich - chocolate hero sponge layers filled with buttercream, Nutella, and crushed Kinder Buenos. Muy Buenooooo.

Kinder Bueno Cake Sandwich

How great are these as gifts and party favours? You can totally make them yourself to serve at the next kids party, stacked up high next to the bring sandwiches - see which ones go first hah.

Cake Sandwiches

They've caused a bit of a stir on Instagram, so we've made it available for purchase for delivery across the UK! Order your cake sandwiches online now and feel smug about having the coolest sandwich ever!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo


ps: Since writing this blog post, the alleged original "cake sandwich" inventor has sent me a few aggrieved messages about me claiming I'm the inventor. I use the word "inventor" and "invention" loosely - it's a sponge sandwich with fillings. Not penicillin. 

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Dorrie Dunham

Dorrie Dunham

June 27, 2023

Love love this!! Will be taking to the farmers market!! Do you share your sponge cake recipe?
Love your website too!

Thank you,
Dorrie Dunham

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