Birthday Cakes and Cake Smashes

After my previous post of a cake-tastrophe, I'm actually going to be posting about a completely different sort of cake smash - the deliberate and fun kind!

Our birthday boys and gals are one of a kind - the kind who love something different and FUN. After all, isn't that how birthdays should be remembered? And I do think our mission is accomplished when we make a birthday cake that contributes towards creating a memorable experience.

Two Tiered Chocolate Birthday Cake

This week we delivered cakes across London again and even all the way to Leicester. I'd say our Triple Decker Fried Chicken and Flamingo cakes were most popular this week but my personal favourite may have been this two-tiered cutie Royal Doughnut Cookie Monster for Ryan. So imagine my surprise when I spotted it on Made in Chelsea's Louise Thompson's Snapchat at her bf's birthday - smashing into it face first!

It's always cool to serve famous folk. We've seen our birthday cakes on Tinie Tempah's Snapchat and Tamara Ecclestone's Instagram too, but really it's ALWAYS cool to see our cakes being tagged on social media because generally we never expect to see them again after they've left the bakery. To then see them make a mark in people's memories and being a part of their fun birthday experience is the icing on the birthday cake :)  

Any other famous birthdays this past week? Errrr...YES! Our very own Crazy Horn of the Unicorn Croquembouche Cake was born in the bakery last week! Nope, still not over it. View the Croquembouche Collection here. 

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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