Birthday Cakes and Bakers Block

I've written about Baker's Block before. It's like writer's block, but for bakers duh. As of late I feel so stretched from all directions and a bit like a hybrid between a robot on auto-pilot and a headless chicken. Guess Bakers' Block can keep recurring periodically. I came across this genius illustration by Gemma Correll that so perfectly summed up how I look and feel:

I'm the 🐦 #pigeon #sketchbook

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Our team is super small and we've had a sudden spike in birthday cake and wedding cake orders while trying to battle the recent ridiculous heat wave that plays havoc on buttercream and chocolate. It literally makes baking unbearable and we have to work twice as long to decorate each cake in what feels like a Dutch oven. And then of course there is the delivery of them all - we've been delivering to The Savoy Hotel and the Shard again amongst loads of other homes, offices and restaurants in London, and then all the way to Reading, Chelmsford and Redhill. The miles have been insane. To top that, we have had to don our Christmas hats on the hottest days of the year for Christmas in July events - when key members of the press and media come to scope out Christmas ranges to showcase in the lead up to the biggest consumer occasion of the year. It was TOUGH.

Golden Stella Cake for Christmas Cake Range at Selfridges

Auto-pilot is really the only way to battle through this all and I've come out the other end feeling wrung out and shriveled. I've got a backlog of ideas but little oomph to put them in execution and that's really what we need back in the bakery right now. It all sounds very idealistic but it's the truth - our business only grows as we evolve and keep working on fresh ideas. 

Netflix Birthday Cake

While I can lament about my creative juices drying up I do appreciate the best customers we are lucky to serve, and the sense of pride when someone orders one of our most whacky cakes is immense. This week we created Triple Decker Alice in Wonderland birthday AND wedding cakes and so many NetflixandChill cakes, it really is the greatest satisfaction to see people respond to our creations! And that's worth chasing after every droplet of creative juice.

Alice in Wonderland Cake

So I'm literally going to force myself to calm down, chill out, take a few relaxing days to refresh my weary little brain and beat body and grab inspo wherever it is to be found. Those new ideas aren't going to hatch themselves!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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May 12, 2020

I am a cake lover and I have tasted a lot of cakes made with different and combined recipes. Now, I am in need of need ideas for cakes, designs and recipes and I have found some of it here. A hearty thanks to the writer of the article. I hope you Read My Comment. Kuddos!

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