Bespoke Rugby Rainbow Cake

The cake making wizards at Anges have knocked this bespoke birthday cake out of the park in terms of cuteness! If you’ve been following our work for a while you’ll know we are all about the buttercream birthday cakes and don’t dig the fondant covered style - there are plenty of cake makers that are amazing at that type of cake, and I think I’m big-girl enough to even be able to admit are even far better than us at that type of cake.

Bespoke Rugby Rainbow Cake Delivered in London

What we DO love to do however is to add a small, truly bespoke touch to one of our own cake designs that is already super popular, and we often hone in on our fondant modelling or sculpting skills to bring that special touch. The Gaga-Rainbow cake is one of our original stalwarts in our rainbow birthday cake collection, going back a few years and still one of our most popular - rainbows, cake, chocolate and surprises why it is still so loved! For rugby-loving Olli, his mum got in touch with us to customise the colourful Gaga-Rainbow cake with a cute fondant hand modelled rugby ball. It’s a small personal touch that makes the cake truly special and stand out for Olli’s 18th birthday! And we feel so lucky to have been able to accommodate this personalisation in short notice too as the cake is SO CUTE!!!

Bespoke Rugby Ball Cake Topper

We hope you had an amazing 18th birthday Olli, and that you enjoyed your bespoke rainbow birthday cake :)


Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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