Baby Shower Cake - It's a Boy!

This past weekend was possibly one of our busiest yet. Which is refreshing and stressful all the same. Refreshing because as I've blogged previously about experiencing a vacuum in orders following Brexit (consumer confidence maybe? Or summer holiday planning? Who knows, but it sucked) so it was nice to see our business pick up again. Stressful because, as also blogged recently about the whole Sandra Lee nonsense, I got trolled over the previous weekend and it sucked up my energy making our busy week feel that much longer where I had to power through to fulfil some incredibly large orders, including a massive dessert table going all the way on a boat in Portsmouth!

Boy Baby Shower Cake 

There were many memorable creations from this weekend including a very special baby shower cake for one of our cherished regular customers. Shristi requested custom chocolate baby shoes as a cake topper with some blue footprints for her baby shower in London. As you may be aware, we strictly don't do novelty - never ever ever. But sometimes something really special comes up and we try to find a way that treads the novelty line carefully to incorporate into our signature style eg: NetFlixandChill and Alice in Wonderland cakes. My friend Daisy of Daisy Brydon Creations, who actually specialises in novelty and sculpted cakes stepped into our baby shoes and hand modelled these very cute chocolate shoes for our Macarons & Roses cake.

The cutest lil chocolate booties by @daisybcreations with lil choccie footprints crawling up our baby shower cake 🍼

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We had blue and ivory macarons and piped buttercream flowers to keep in with the "It's a Boy" baby shower theme and added some chocolate baby foot prints crawling up the cake.

Boy Baby Shower cake London

I believe the catering was by the incredible force behind Darjeeling Express supper club. Seeing some sneak peeks of the food from Calcutta made me so home sick (even though Calcutta was never really home, but my folks are originally from there) and it feels that much more special that I was kind of there in cake spirit amidst all that delicious Bengali food!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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