Faiza's Fun & Fully Loaded Bespoke Birthday Cake

I may not have the pleasure to meet the cool guys and gals for whom we bake all our birthday cakes in London (and a bit further afield) for but I can make a pretty darn good educated guess that they all have a wicked sense of fun and a real happy dose of humour - the BEST customers we could ever bake for - Agreed?? But of course! Look at this cake delivered to Novikov restaurant in Central London for Faiza's 30th birthday celebration...can you say it is anything but mental fun and bonkers beautiful simultaneously?? We can't.

Peanut butter cake londonIt was one of the FIRST cakes of 2016 for us and was particularly significant to me. After breaking our news regarding closing of our shop for good in Kensington I went to bed all down in the dumps, woe-is-me, sad-face. I woke up the next morning and was BLOWN AWAY by the response on emails, messages and comments on my Instagram post and facebook page - so much support and love was felt that any worry that we had of how our news would be perceived was wiped away and never have I been so confident that a decision was so right for us and our small business. I'm so glad our customers and followers understand where we're coming from and the reasoning behind our decision. While moving from bricks & mortar back to online may seem like a step back, it's really us going back to our "roots" - we started as a small macaron-only online business and we are going back as an exponentially larger online business than before boasting an amazing birthday cake range, a growing wedding cake range, and a whole host of gourmet gifts in the pipeline!

So heading back into the kitchen in the new year with a fresh new focus and head full of creative juice I MADE THIS.

Peanut Butter Birthday Cake London

What a babe it is! A massive 10" red velvet layer cake with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream and loaded with peanut butter cups, peanut butter Double Dunk macarons, gold shimmer vanilla macarons and gold leaf embellished cookies & cream macarons along with golden sea-salted caramel pearls, golden maltesers and baked buttermilk glazed doughnuts all for golden girl Faiza on her 30th birthday!

Birthday Cake Novikov Restaurant London

I hope Faiza knows how much making her cake meant to me and how much having all our customers believing in Anges means to all of us. 

So folks, we are officially back to business and not only baking our huge range for Selfridges Oxford Street but also taking birthday cake orders online on our site and taking bespoke cake orders on email so hit us up! :)

Eating cake, Praying for peace, Loving you all,

Reshmi xoxo

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