8 Best Bespoke Birthday Cakes

Decorating a cake is all about that artistic touch and talent. Bespoke birthday cakes provide a customised way to make someone's special day even more memorable. Bespoke cakes are designed and crafted with love, thought, and consideration with the recipient in mind. Whether it is an intricate design or something simpler, bespoke cakes offer an added personal touch that cannot be achieved through store-bought items.

Bespoke cakes enable bakers to create designs while presenting unique ideas and concepts. With bespoke cakes, you can truly make a statement and surprise the special person in your life.

Anges de Sucre has some of the best-selling bespoke birthday cakes that are delicious and amazing. From intricate designs to personalised messages and flavours crafted with a personalised touch, these birthday cakes have made occasions like birthdays more memorable for everyone.

So, let's discuss the eight best bespoke birthday cakes in London.

8 Best-Selling Bespoke Birthday Cakes In London

Birthdays are special occasions, and birthday cakes are an essential part of the celebrations. We have birthday cakes that look stunning and taste delicious, with different flavours, fillings, and toppings to choose from.

These birthday cakes are designed carefully with attention to detail to meet individual requirements. Whether for a luxurious birthday dinner or a big birthday bash, we have got you covered.

1. Alice in wonderland cake

Alice in wonderland cake


Price- £200.00 GBP

The special Alice in Wonderland cake is customised according to the theme of Alice in Wonderland. It comes with a special pot over the cake, inspired by the Disney movie. There are different macarons and fondant mushrooms over the cake. The frosting is very special, and even the Belgian chocolate used with the cakes makes it more special. Every element has been lovingly hand-crafted, from intricate sugar artwork to indulgent Belgian chocolate for that added richness of flavour. We're confident that your guests will be left enchanted with this unique speciality cake as the centrepiece for your birthday celebration.This cake is also featured on our collection of 30th birthday cakes, making it the perfect purchase for a grand celebration.

2. Meta unicorn rainbow cake

Meta unicorn rainbow cake

Price- £250.00 GBP

The Meta unicorn rainbow cake is one of the most beautiful cakes in our collections. It is a sweet, rainbow-sponge layer cake. It is covered with buttercream and is light as air. The cake is decorated with special Mini rainbow cupcakes and many other fun-themed items. Additionally, the cake has a funny unicorn figure placed over it, making it look beautiful and setting the party's theme. This cake is also featured on our collection of 21st birthday cakes, making it the perfect purchase for a grand celebration.

3. Fat Batman Cake

Fat Batman Cake

Price- £200.00 GBP

The fat Batman cake is the next bespoke cake on our list. The cake is well decorated and themed accordingly with Batman. What's better than having a funky-looking Batman sitting on your cake with lots of chocolate surrounding him? If your kid is a fan of superheroes, this is the best bespoke cake for his birthday. The fat Batman cake is specially customised for kids, which makes it look very funky and stylish at the same time. The frosting used over the special sponge cake is also very different from all the other cakes.

4. Kinder vs Nutella cake

Kinder vs Nutella cake


Price- £180.00 GBP

It doesn't matter how old you get; there is always some room for Kinder chocolate and Nutella. If you are looking for a special cake for a loved one with a perfect combination of Bueno and Nutella, this is the best in London. It is a combination of Kinder chocolate and Nutella in rich frosting. The cake is made in different layers of chocolate and vanilla sponge. The Kinder chocolates are present all over the cake.

5. Confetti - tiddly three-tiered cake

Confetti - tiddly three-tiered cake

Price- £250.00 GBP

For all you lucky people out there looking for a special, cake to make your birthday extra special, we are so chuffed to introduce our tiddliest, cutest three-tiered cake. This cute cake is larger-than-life and going to be the star of the show at your intimate celebration.

Our top tier boasts an impressive Belgian chocolate drip with a cheeky pink macaron and plenty of sprinkles - a delightful accent to tie it all together. The middle tier takes things up a notch with even more sprinkles encrusting its surface.

Last but not least, our bottom tier oozes style with delicate multiple colour swirls and whirls of pastel buttercream - magnificently composed by our professional bakers. This cake is also featured on our collection of 40th birthday cakes, making it the perfect purchase for a grand celebration. Place your cake order online and have it delivered across London, Surrey, and Berkshire, making sure the cutest three-tiered cake will arrive right at your doorstep!

6. Paddington Bear Cake

Paddington Bear Cake

Price- £200.00 GBP

The Paddington bear cake is perfect for people who love Paddington Bear. As the name suggests, one can get Paddington bear sitting on the cake. The entire cake is made up of special blue frosting, which makes it look beautiful. A cute suitcase is also placed on the cake along with the bear. Sponge cakes are used to prepare the special Paddington bear cake, making it very soft and fluffy.

7. Jungle Book Cake

Jungle Book Cake


Price - £200.00 GBP

The jungle book theme cake is fantastic for your kids' birthday party. This Jungle Book-themed cake is the perfect addition, featuring hand-made, edible details such as Baloo the Bear that will make any child's birthday even more memorable. Nothing can compare to having Baloo come along to the party, and what better way for children to savour their big day than by having a delicious cake designed just for them?

8. Mermaid Cake

Mermaid Cake

Price- £130.00 GBP

It won't be fair not to include the special Ariel themed Disney cake in the list of bespoke birthday cakes. The entire cake is based on the theme of aquatic nature, and one can always add a special mermaid touch. The cake is decorated with blue and white frosting, giving it a look like the ocean. Liquid chocolate flows all over the cake from the top; with, different small cookies resembling pearls

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Get the best birthday cake in London

Above in the article, we have mentioned the top 8 bespoke birthday cakes in London. You can quickly deliver these cakes to your home address with Anges de Sucre. The bakery is one of the best in London and can prepare bespoke birthday cakes for making different birthday occasions even more special. All the options mentioned above in the article are some of the best bespoke birthday cakes in London, whether one talks about them for the design, theme, or taste. Order these cakes now to make your birthday special.

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