Why Everyone needs a Birthday Cake

As a small business owner it can get very difficult to set aside time for yourself, let alone friends and family. When I started getting a better work-life balance quite recently, we went and opened a shop! With a whole new set of challenges I became so focused on Anges that my social life was the last thing on my mind. I pulled out of friends' weddings, I ditched my parents for Durga Puja (it's like Christmas for Bengalis) and so on. The lowest point was when I didn't make an effort to celebrate my husband's 30th birthday. It's a milestone everyone should celebrate. Whether it's with a massive party or a small birthday cake, it's got to be celebrated.

Birthday Cake Celebrations

Why oh WHY did I not at least make a cake for my love on his birthday when I make them for others!!? Aargh, I hate myself!

The realisation of how important birthdays are hit me like a tonne of bricks leading up to the 8th of June. Why is this date relevant? Other than the fact it was declared as "National Best Friends Day" it is also one of my best friend's birthdays. She was my first friend and house-mate in the UK when I started uni and she was an all-round awesome chick. Nina loved a birthday party and had many a birthday in Regent's Park with Pimms, picnics and games of Twister (often in inappropriate clothing!). And there would ALWAYS be cake! Sometimes we had dodgy home-bakes and sometimes they were shop brought cakes, equally as dodgy tasting. No matter what, there was some form of a birthday cake we'd be pigging out on.

Nina's Birthday in Regents Park London

Pigging out in a park. We did that a lot. Me, Nina and MindyMugoo.

Nina passed away at a young age and it was a difficult and dark phase. Even with some time gone since she left I still feel the pain of her passing. I miss sharing stuff with her that she would love and laugh at. I miss having an understanding friend to whom I could whinge to and that would make me feel better. I'm sad that she's not here to see how Anges has grown and I miss her birthday parties too.

In her memory, a bunch of us chipped in to get a park bench. When I first went to see the newly installed bench in a lovely North London park, I felt, I dunno, vacant? Can't explain it. It wasn't great. I guess the wound of her no longer being here was so fresh that I felt like nothing could make it better. With a few years passing and visiting it more often, I now love it. As I get there I'm all anxious and sad but leave lighter having spent some time with friends, catching up with each other, remembering Nina and her antics. On Nina's last birthday my friend and I took some cupcakes and big cups of tea, sat on the bench and just nattered as we would if Nina was there, catching up and giggling.

Cupcakes For Nina's Birthday

Cupcakes and tea for MindyMugoo and I

I realised how privileged I am to have known her during her short life and to have had such a wonderful friend with whom I have so many happy memories. I appreciate now how incredibly lucky I am to have had the opportunity to celebrate birthdays. We don't have many days to celebrate milestones, so each birthday should be made a deal out of, big or small. There aren't many days when you can eat half a cake without feeling excessive! So at the very least everyone should have a birthday cake and I'll be getting an awesome one for my love's next birthday, no matter how busy I am. I already know he likes this one! Is that forward-thinking or what!? *pats herself on the back*

Doughnut Cookie Monster Cake

This week's been emotional and this post made me bawl like a baby. Or maybe it was Charlie Puth's 'See You Again' on the radio. Oh well, the floodgates are open now! I do hope that it inspires you, even in the teeny tiniest ways, for your next birthday celebration

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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June 11, 2015

Could not agree more. My Aunty passed away yesterday :-( not to hijack the post but I had a card rolling around in my handbag with a very long quickly written message inside telling her how amazing I thought she was. I only managed to post it yesterday and it was 20hrs too late – my biggest regret is overthinking things or worse, being too busy to be bothered. Well done for posting Reshmi xx



June 11, 2015

little tears beautifully written Hun and so true… Getting old is a privilege…I will definitely be getting one of your cakes for my 30th next year… Xx

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