When to Give a Corporate Gift

Here is a list of occasions when you should consider giving corporate gifts

To say "thank you"

This is the most obvious reason for giving a corporate gift. When a thank you is in order, a gift however small or big can have a profound effect. As an employee in particular, there is nothing more demotivating than to feel your work has gone unnoticed or unappreciated, and a gift can truly help to show your appreciation when someone has gone above and beyond.  


As a welcoming present

Giving a gift to a new employee can make them feel welcome and help promote a positive impression of the team and their attitude towards new staff. In a tight-knit team this can be crucially important. A well-chosen gift can also create a lasting and positive impression and tell the employee that you care for them. It is quite safe to say that it won’t do any harm.  As an idea, a scrumptious cake!


To Say Good Luck

Giving a gift at the right time is everything and when a contact, client or a fellow colleague is up for promotion or moving jobs it is the perfect time to present a gift. Giving a gift at such a time is a little more unusual and can show support, consideration and help to maintain long term relationships.


New Baby

If you have a close relationship with a client, employee or colleague you should consider this a must. Everyone knows the importance of a baby so to miss showing your support for such an important occasion isn’t the greatest of etiquette. The gift needn’t be for the baby as I am sure the parents need it more!    


To Show Sympathy

When a client, employee or colleague goes through a traumatic experience a small gift can really go a long way to show them there is more to your business relationship than just business and that you care for their general well-being too. 


To Say Congratulations

This can be for a gift for a new position, a promotion, or even winning a new contract. It can show respect for their success and that you care about them doing well outside of your direct business.  


To Keep in Touch

When you have long gaps between business dealings but want to maintain the relationship corporate gifts can be just the perfect way to achieve this. It shows you are thinking of them and haven’t forgotten them. It can also help them not to forget you!



Perhaps it isn’t appropriate to send a gift every birthday but for the big ones (30, 40, 50 etc) a corporate gift will be well received.  


Seasonal Gifts

Christmas, Easter and the all the obvious ones are a given, but specific days to certain cultures can also be considered. Christmas in many parts of the world is probably a must and convention thus may require a gift that stands out from the crowd…such as anything from Anges de Sucre! View our Christmas cake collection now for inspiration!



Retirement should not be overlooked, a gift can help your details and relationship be passed along to the replacement. It is also, and perhaps more importantly, good etiquette to show some genuine appreciation.


Customer Retention

Maintaining relationships with business partners or the likes of can sometimes be difficult if not awkward. A well-timed gift can help keep you or your company in their thoughts and help retain their custom.


In conclusion there are many times when corporate gifts are well suited. Most importantly they should be well-timed, well-thought-through and well-placed. And sometimes you don't need a reason or an occasion – who dislikes receiving a gift!



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