Meet Mr Blobby

Since their launch in our shop last month our akesake heroes and layer cakes have been selling like...umm...HOTCAKES! (YEAH I just made a terrible pun totally intentionally!)

Birthday Cake and CUpcakes

But selling cake is a whole new dimension for Anges. For one, initially I struggled with cutting them - our layer cakes are just too painfully pretty to cut through (seriously, my heart cries each time I cut into a whole new cake-babe). So in the first week of introducing our beautiful layer cakes in crowd-pleasing flavours with our Signature Anges flair (of course) we sold...NONE.

Beautiful Birthday Cakes


'Wait...what?!? You just said earlier they were selling like hotcakes!?', you ask? Well yeah, I lied. We sold ZILCH. Nada. Zerooo in the first week. I couldn't figure out why because everyone that came in looked at the cakes, marvelling and ooh-ing and aah-ing over them for days, so what gives? We took the WHOLE cakes home and binged, sliced them up and shared with our neighbours, anything rather than binning them because they were just TOO DARN GORGEOUS and utterly delicious! Soft fluffy lofty sponge layers with silken Swiss Meringue Buttercream, glorious smooth Belgian chocolate glaze and complementing toppings such as macarons and meringues. SO WHY AREN'T THEY SELLING!?

Lemon Birthday Cake

I wasn't going to give up, no matter how disheartening to see such hard work not get into happy customer bellies. Instead of ditching the new store concept we made more each day, making them even prettier than their predecessors, so pretty that I couldn't actually physically get myself to cut them as they looked so perfect wholesome in the window. I was however getting so confused and frustrated at them not selling despite being even more delightful that I thought 'to hell with it, I'm cutting into Mr Blobby and having a fat slice to myself if no one else will today'. I cut into Mr Blobby, a beautifully light, moist and zesty lemon sponge layer cake with the smoothest and silkiest lemon Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Raspberry white chocolate glaze and Amalfi Citron and Love Passion Karma macaroons. And I ate it. And as I was eating it, would you believe that the next 2 customers walking in went in straight for a slice! And it's been love-at-first-slice ever since with each cake selling out soon after being cut (which is now as soon as they come in store!).

Lemon Raspberry Cake

Moral of the story? Other than the fact that Mr Blobby is AMAZING in the sense that it tastes like a slice of heaven and for also restoring my faith in our new-found cake trade, I've also learnt that cakes sliced sell a whole lot better than when left whole. The mental block of cake-cutting apparently isn't just in my own head - customers think it too where no one wants to be the first to dig in.

Lemon and Raspberry Birthday Cake

Mr Blobby says, 'You can have your cake, but you should also dig straight in!'

See you soon over cake & cuppa chez Anges,

Reshmi xoxo

Delicious Cakeporn photography by Yaroslava Malkova Photography

ps: Mr. Blobby is named after Mr. Blobby! And while the real Mr Blobby is borderline terrifying, our cake is the opposite!

Mr. Blobby

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