Personalised Mother Day Gifts

To celebrate our mummy, the best we can give them is a hug, a kiss and the best words that come out of our heart to express how much we love them and how grateful we are for her existence.
However, sometimes giving them a 'little something' is not bad at all. Giving them your heart assures you a very happy mother and a little detail assures you a wide, bright smile on her lips. Thus, here are some small tips that I thought could help:

DIY Macaron cake!

If your mum has a sweet tooth, how about giving them a small cake made by yourself. Throw some eggs and flour with a bit of sugar and some fruit on it or perhaps, if you don't feel like cooking you can buy one with plain decor from Sainsbury or Tesco. The most important part of this cake making process is the decoration! You can write a cheeky message for your mum in the centre of the cake with piped chocolate writing icing and you can place macarons of different colours around if the basic icing is white, or perhaps if the icing is dark chocolate you can use vanilla macarons to make up a flower in the centre of the cake. It would jazz up any cake into a chic afternoon tea treat. Choose from a wide variety of our macaron flavours from our sweet shop in Kensington or order online to take the hard work out of it!

Photography: My Heart Skipped

A slice of cake with a cup of tea and relaxed conversations with one of your best friends sound like a good plan for a nice afternoon.

Free time

Nowadays, as I described in my other blogpost, mums do much more than we think so a little help with house chores or simply giving her a couple of hours off may signify a lot for our mummy. When I was a child me and my brother used to make small vouchers out of colour paper with simple things such as: Valid for us washing the dishes today, or valid for not making dinner today. As we all are now 'grown ups', I am not suggesting such vouchers, but something that entitles the same meaning.

Perhaps we could organise a free afternoon for her and her friends or home-made dinner for the whole family, because 'chicken mums' like to see all their 'little chicks' reunited. Buy her tickets for the theatre or for the film she wants to see so bad. If you live far away, in another country or in another city, pop into her home by surprise and hug her, tell her she deserves the best and help with the house chores or with dinner.

Give her a chance to breathe out of the busy life she, for sure, deals with.  

Personalised lockets

Our mothers have spent our whole life with us, or at least our whole childhood and puberty, so when we leave the niche, it hits them hard. A good alternative to remind ourselves and our mums of the nicest moments we have had together is a personalised locket. Various businesses offer the option to pick ourselves as many charms as we want for the locket, plates and chains for it to be memorable.
You can also include their birthstone, the first letter of their name or baby stuff to remind them that even if we are away, building up our lives, we are still the child that fought with a friend and run to them. We are still their babies somehow.

Apple & Cinnamon rings

This last personalised gift is for the mums that love the cinnamon smell in their kitchen, and also is something that can be served at any moment and it is a nice detail that can be accompanied by a card with sweet words... and some vanilla ice cream!  The ingredients are apples, flour, sugar and cinnamon.

First, the apples should be cut in slices and then in rings, removing the 'pulp' or the centre of the apple so they would end up looking like rings. The apples should be bathed in cinnamon and left away while we work on the mass with flour, milk, an egg and a bit of cinnamon as well. The apple rings should be bathed in the mass and then they should be deep fried quickly  and then salted with sugar. Yum!

Whatever you do this Mother's Day, just give them your love and you will survive for sure!


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