Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Looking for Mother's Day Gift Ideas? Here are five classical ideas for presents this Mother's day. All you have to do is think what your Mum would like.     

Gift idea of Mother's Day

Gift idea 1

An indulgent treat from the cutest shop in Kensington!

Everything and anything from Anges de Sucre comes highly recommended by me (working in sugar heaven has its advantages) so I would suggest selecting a Surprise Sweet Treat Box so your mumma can try a little of everything! One of these beauties contains two tremendous teacakes, two marvellous marshmallows, two magical macarons and a gorgeous muffle to top it off. And at only £15 you won’t have to raid your piggy bank!

Gift Idea for Mother's Day

Gift Idea No. 2

Treat her to dinner at her favourite restaurant

This is a go-to gift! But there’s a reason why – I know I’m not speaking for myself when I say that my mum always made sure a delicious dinner was on the table every evening for pretty much the whole of my childhood. As much as I’m sure mothers’ love cooking for their babies, a night off will not go unappreciated in most cases. I’ll be taking my mum for a meal at Covent Garden’s Bali Bali for some Indonesian goodness (gotta stay true to our roots).



Gift Idea for Mother's Day

Gift Idea No. 3

A bouquet of flowers

Another classic Mothers Day gift you cannot go wrong with! They may be simple, but mothers appear to just love ‘em. I would advise you not to skimp on price here (no petrol station flowers – that seems like you forgot and bought them at the last minute) and you can get a lovely bouquet designed by Blue Sky Flowers and get it delivered in London or find some lovely bunches at Waitrose Direct nationwide. They are even doing free Mother’s Day delivery, guaranteeing your mum receives a gorgeous gift on the day.



Pampering Mother's Day Gifts

Gift Idea No.4

Pampering products

I don’t know about you guys, but my mum can’t seem to get enough of being pampered. In her opinion, there’s nothing better than visiting a spa and having someone massage your cares away. I Want One Of Those has loads of great spa/pampering days out available to purchase (check them out at or Gloss & Polish have awesome at-home manicure and pedicure services across West London...but if you’re looking for something a little more budget visit the Body Shop – the Strawberry Premium Selection smells good enough to eat!



The Gift of Love

Gift Idea No. 5 

Your time and effort!

This one applies to all of you – not just those of you who can’t afford to fork out on expensive gifts for your mum this Mother's Day. In my experience, the best present you can give your mum is to treat her like a queen! Do not let her lift a finger this Mothering Sunday. You can start by bringing her breakfast in bed AND doing all the dishes after. If any housework needs doing and errands need running, these are your responsibility. Particularly, if like me, you’ve flown the nest in recent years, it’s important to show your mum that you still love and appreciate her, so really make the day about her. It’s the least you could do.


Now you’ve got no excuses not to give your mum a fantastic Mother's Day, make Sunday 15th March a day to remember! Why not pop in to our shop at 1 Holland Street, High Street Kensington? Bring your mum, and indulge her in an excellent coffee and perhaps a cheeky muffle and remind her how much you love her!


Love, Saffy aka Sweet Sneaks x

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