Hot Off the Press! The Metro's Favourite Coffee Hangout

Anges de Sucre, Kensington, London - officially the Metro's FAVOURITE COFFEE SHOP!


Yesterday's issue of the Metro, the quintessential London commuter's free paper, featured a striking cover feature on us in their popular EAT section on Cold Brew coffee along with the following snippets about Anges de Sucre's Kensington coffee, macaroon and marshmallow shop:  

""Londoner Reshmi Bennett’s beautiful Kensington patisserie that is light years away from the chains when it comes to knocking back coffee.”

The feature goes on to describe the shop front, “hand-painted with hydrangeas and peonies” and the “sea of marshmallows and macaroons that await inside".

"Sound heavenly? It is – and did we mention the incredible cold drip contraptions that add a glorious old factory dimension? Willy Wonka, eat your heart out.”


While being called one of the most popular London paper's favourite coffee hangout is super awesome what I hadn't quite prepared for was for my mug to make the FRONT COVER of the Metro's widely-read EAT section! How do I know it's widely-read? Well, I know this because not only do I always read it on my own commute to work, I have never had my phone go as manic as it did yesterday from 08:15 with friends from all over London texting/facebooking/whatsapping/instragramming about having seen my big mug in the papers!

Introducing Cold Drip

The most hilarious text was from my best friend who spotted my face over someone else's shoulder reading the article when she creeped up behind them to take a sneaky pic.

Metro Eat Article Cover - Cold Drip Coffee


The Metro photo shoot with photographer Chris Brock (more pics on his blog!), editor Jenny (she papped us on her Instagram @jnyry below) and our Head Barista Mitch was really fun! But of course, with coffee, macaroons and marshmallows, how could it not be?


Cold drip coffee photoshoot


Metro Cold Brew Coffee Cover Story

Lots of big-cheesy-mug-love,

Reshmi xoxo


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