Hot Off the Press! Sunday Mirror - Hello, Mallow

Our marshmallows have been placed in the limelight taking centre-stage in the Sunday Mirror's review of the best gourmet marshmallows in the UK! Not just that, yours truly was also interviewed and asked what's making marshmallows so in vogue right now.

Best Gourmet Marshmallows UK 

To which my response was that freshly-made versions with natural ingredients have opened up the target audience from kids to adults too. Naturally gluten-free, virtually fat-free, and often egg/dairy/nut-free too, marshmallows are the prefect treat for many with specific dietary restrictions!


With autumn dawning upon us, I'm particularly looking forward to comforting mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallow-dunk-a-thons. Ooh and it might even encourage me to break out the fondue set! Or perhaps wrapping up and warming the mallow pillows of perfection over campfires (whom am I kidding...I haven't been camping since Year 7 but the idea is romantic nevertheless!).


Soft, squishy, mallow love,

Reshmi xoxo

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