Hot Off the Press! Observer Magazine Aug 14

'New artisan patisserie makes the BEST marshmallows you've ever tasted' - The Observer Magazine


How EPIC is that quote?? Just to put the epicness of the above line into context, The Observer is the first and the oldest Sunday paper to be published ever in the WORLD on 4th December 1791 (my birthday actually...only 200-odd years ago), and to be included in their carefully curated Top 5 picks of the week is possibly one of the biggest compliments ever.




The macarons, well they will always be my babies. But the marshmallows, wow! I hadn't realised how quickly I'd be falling in love with making and devouring them. And most of all? DUNKING THEM! And now our Celebration Cakes are really exciting. 



Truly GLORIOUS. These pillowy morsels of delight are available online along with our splendid genuine drinking chocolate made with single origin cocoa in dark, milk and white. The hot drinking chocolate cocoa granules are packaged in these beautiful bottles inspired by vintage milk bottles - what's not to love?


Let me know how you like your mallows! Semi-dunked/fully-drowned/fired-up/any which ways.

Lots of love & dunks,

Reshmi xoxo

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