Hot Off the Press! Wedding Magazine August 2014

Yeah so I’m kinda getting all show-offy about the recent press we’re getting for the shop. And here I go again…except this issue of Wedding Magazine is SO SPECIAL! Almost as special as this one where our own wedding was featured…just almost ;) But anyway, here’s why it’s SO SPECIAL!

Wedding Best Macarons Macaroons

Emma Vince, the newly appointed lifestyle editor of Wedding Magazine, attended our Beloved Blogger’s Summer Soiree, and we had a lovely old time chatting weddings, styling, flowers, and of course, macaroons and mallows, along with Blue Sky Flowers’ Liz, and there’s her SWEEEEEET feature on our shop opening in the Bridal Bulletin edit with more here!

Not only is our shop opening highlighted in this issue and a must-visit during your wedding planning, we have had one of my favourite weddings featured in it too. This beautiful couple, Juliette and Tim, were such a dream to work with and their wedding is the perfect picture of pretty!

A wedding so very pretty that it has also featured on one of the country’s top wedding blogs, Rock My Wedding with lovely photography by Razia N Jukes.

How unbelievably pretty is this wedding cake table set-up?! I LOVE the flowers and tassels!


Ahhh stuff like this really keeps me fuelled throughout the height of wedding season (and copious coffee).


Happy weekend and lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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