Happy 2014!

Not bragging or anything...but it's been such a year for Anges! Bigger brighter premises, new product range developments, fabulous press, shiny new mac-daddy of an oven, exciting collaborations with top-dog creatives such as BerinMade for our super popular Christmas Limited Edition macaron gift sets, incredible weddings and events all over from London to Saint Tropez (like here, here, here!), ummm it is kinda dangerously sounding like a full-on brag huh?

A few of many 2013 Anges highlights

However, it has been a difficult year on a personal level, where I've experienced the loss of precious lives affecting myself and people close to me. 2013 also had its monsters affecting people at large such as the Boston marathon bombing and Typhoon Haiyan amongst many others, which at times made 'feeling good' a challenge, but looking back on a great year for Anges, seeing close friends and family set off on exciting adventures and achievements (engagements, weddings, new births, new homes, new jobs), and watching THIS Google 90 seconds summary of 2013 made me feel, and this is going from my previous full-on-brag to full-on-stinky-cheese-ball, like some much-needed positive energy was injected into my system, rebooting my mental motherboard time-to-time.

"We realise the importance of light when we see darkness", said one of the most admirable young women, Malala Yousafzai, when she addressed the United Nations and the world in her inspiring speech for women's and children's rights. In addition to seeing bright golden rays of hope and goodness beaming through, like 16 year old Malala, it also helps brighten my day when I remember happy memories and focus on making new ones with friends and family which will stay with me in 2014 and beyond.
So I would like to wish all our dear customers, readers, suppliers, friends and family a great 2014 filled with old and new happy memories and prosperity with this 15 second video-greeting going from full-on-cheese-ball to full-on-goof-ball!

  Happy 2014! Reshmi xoxo

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