Hot Off the Press! Just Weddings Magazine June 2013

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It's hot hot HOT! If you, like us, haven't been able to go away on a summer escape for holiday merriment yet there's plenty to be merry about right here in Blighty.
1. Royal Baby - I've already shared this sometime ago, but have you seen this super cute onesie? Available from Etsy.

Cute Cotton Macaron Onesie

2. The hottest day recorded in the UK in 7 years - we broke out the BBQ and have been grilling away and dining al fresco in our little London patio. Here's our summer through Instagram (speaking of which, if you're not following us already @AngesDeSucre, do! Lots of daily macaron-pretty and other floral and foodie type stuff).

Our Great British Summer on Instagram

3. Our lowered P&P rates for our gorgeous gift boxes! - Yeah really, we're still so excited about our fragile goods courier charges being lowered due to our increased shipment volumes, and it's had such an incredible response. These little gems are traipsing around all over the country everyday! Available for purchase here (it's so easy peasy, quick speedy).

luxury macaroon gifts and boxes uk

So while we haven't been able to get away (yet...) we've been eating skewer food (everything tastes better on a stick - why?!?), sipping on refreshing Mojitos, and rejoicing all of the above as well as our big one page editorial feature in Just Weddings on the Koh Samui macaron - sweet basil leaves infused in zesty punchy fresh lime juice enveloped in silken white Belgian chocolate. That's our holiday macaron right there.

Just Weddings Magazine Macaron Feature

Hurrah for the #GreatBritishSummer! Reshmi xoxo

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