Wedded! Lindsey & Ian's Hand-Made Vintage Lavender Love

In the age of bills, bills, and MORE bills - council tax, water, mobile, landline, Sky, insurance, gas, electricity, bills, bills, is a rare treat to open letters that come with hand-written addresses. It is the only letter I will drop all my carrier bags for and open up in a frenzy right there and then. There are three types of postal paper bits that make me beam with a silly grin ear to ear - wedding invites, birthday cards and thank you notes.
It is still on my to-do list to send out Thank Yous for my wedding. I'd carefully chosen card stock, bought loads of stamping gear, got some photos printed, and started on my Thank You note DIY project, only to be taken over by everything else that can't wait. It's shameful, totally, that it's been a year and a half and they're still not out, and now it's that awkward time where I feel if we were to send them out the recipient might be all like, "Err, saddo's not over her wedding yet" (which may not be a completely unfair assumption - It is still the best memory of my life yet). But one ordinary weekday a few weeks ago was made so extra-ordinarily bright - I opened a sweet hand-written Thank You note from a recent bride, Lindsey, for whom we created our Limited Edition Lavender Fields macaron wedding favours. Simple gesture, big impact! It put me in such a good mood, and some good macarons full of love were made that day.


Lindsey was even kind enough to share a beautiful photo on our Facebook page. It was of a stunning place-setting - our Lavender Fields mini macaron favour pouch, with hand-stamped name tags decorated with lace, tied with twine along with vintage-washed stationery, livened up by sprigs of lavender. Sigh.


I love that Lindsey paid so much attention to detail to aesthetics (not that our macarons need much help in the aesthetics department!). That little lace trim gives a dressed-up lift to a manila tag. Lindsey's attention doesn't stop there though. When I spotted this wedding featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings I was bowled over by all the other home-made details that tied in together so intimately. Of course, I got straight in touch with her photographer Holly Deacon to grab some beauteous pictorial evidence.


The hand-made table plan trunk - those wedding photos of Lindsey & Ian's parents and grandparents hung on twine add real 'vintage' credence to the theme. Lindsey and Ian even lined the old trunks with lace trims and fabric which provides such a pretty backdrop.


Table set


Flower-porn. Just because I love flowers, and these are stunning


Party-shoe-box! For the ladies who want to last on the dance floor through the night. How thoughtful are they?!


His 'n Hers favours! Genius! Lavender mini macarons and hand-picked ales

Thanks so much for sharing these photos Holly, and a big THANK YOU for your Thank You note Lindsey. If these photos are anything to go by, it must've been a wonderful wedding full of hand-made love and warmth. Congratulations!
I urge you to see more of this sweet wedding and dive into the details in Whimsical Wonderland Wedding's post! I'm now totally inspired to get DIY-ing on those long overdue Thank You notes I owe.


Lots of Lavender Love, Reshmi xoxo

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