Hot Off the Press! Wedding Flowers Magazine May/June 2013

We're on a roll here. A very very pretty roll. It's been a fabulous few months of press for Anges de Sucre and here we have one of my favourite shoots, in all its watercolour peachy glory, featured in the visually stunning Wedding Flowers and Accessories Magazine's May/June 2013 issue (it's such a beautiful magazine that my bride-to-be best friend nabbed my copy. The cheeky mongoose).


I was particularly pumped about this shoot because it involved two people I couldn't recommend any higher for their craft and skill - Anneli Marinovich and Jodie Vigor of Boutique Blooms, both of whom I've also had the pleasure of getting to know very well by working with them on several other occassions (if you're curious, have a look at Love Luxe Launch and the Designer Wedding Show). Also, it was the first time I met Gaby of Southbound Bride, editor of a sunny blog full of South African wedding inspiration.


I'm going to stop waffling and get straight to the bacon - JUST LOOK AT THAT OMBRE WATERCOLOUR CENTREPIECEY TYPE THINGY! Aaaah it is so so so gorgeous. Like a feather boa draped across the table. Only not. Cuz you know, it's made of flowers, foliage, angel tears and fairy dust. It's just stunning.
All the details were so perfect together, clever and well thought-out, while not being fussy or contrived. Our Peaches and Cream flavour macarons (soon to be introduced to our Limited Edition Collection) were arranged in our Contemporary Macaron Tower stand with a crowning glory of prettiness crafted by Jodie, alongside a Victoria Sponge by French Made decorated with marzipan peaches. The bridesmaids dresses in varied peachy tones from Maids to Measure added to the relaxed stylish composition created in the field and barn of Gaynes Park in Essex.


Hope you like this as much as I do. My bridey-bestie is certainly all over it (and I'm secretly rooting for her to take us shopping at M2M, shhh).

Peachy love,

Reshmi xoxo

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