Recipe for Strawberries & Cream Macarons

We just got back from Goa after a short break of sun, sea, sand, and before we even got off the plane at Heathrow I felt the chill get to my bones. It.Is.Freezing. Gray+Freezing.
I'm going to declare weather as a state of mind. So what if the daffodils aren't popping up everywhere just yet, it's all in my head. To nudge summer along a bit quicker we'll be indulging in some strawberries, cream, Pimms, and umm oven-grilled corn on the cob (I'm trying to be positive, not delusional - it's way too cold to nip out for a BBQ).
We've got an exciting road-trip planned for Manchester's Cake & Bake Show, where I'm hosting Demystifying Macaron Magic Masterclasses. I'll be going through the perfect fool-proof Italian Meringue batter, recipes, and dishing out trouble-shooting tips and tricks, and macarons too. Pop on over if you fancy. We're being sponsored by some great folk out there - KitchenAid for mixers-we-cannot-macaron-without, and Mason Cash for mixing-bowls-we-love-macaroning-with. Check out this bling Anges-like mixer we'll be sporting! Ooh and the oh-so-sturdy-but-totally-pretty bowls too!



If you're unable to (or just not too fussed) to attend our classes, you can still be in on the macaroning action. Here's a pretty recipe card for our Strawberries & Cream Macarons for you to pin/download/use/share/stare.


And here's our stunner to look at - our Wimbledon Strawberries & Cream macaron from our Limited Edition. They'll be peeking out of our kitchen vurry soon! 


Love, Reshmi xoxo

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Suzie Bock

Suzie Bock

February 08, 2018

Hello, I love your macaron posts! You’re a very good teacher – I can see the steps as I read them! Very clear.
However, this recipe isn’t so clear. Can you please email it to me?
Thank you for all your guidance into the scary world of Italian Macarons!



November 21, 2015

Hi, your macarons look heavenly and I’d love to try baking them myself. I can’t seem to find the recipe though… can you please send it to my email?
it’s: Abbylawksley@gmail.com

Thank you so much!



June 09, 2015

This looks lovely but the recipe link is not working neither is the one from the myths and tips post. Thank you for sharing!




June 05, 2015

I would love to get this recipe for Strawberries and Cream Macarons, but the link to the recipe on this page goes to a Error 402 page.

Can you please send this recipe to my email: jctkrause@comcast.net?

LOVE your website!

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