Mini Ange has Arrived

Mini-Ange here, also known as the Chef Patissiere of Anges De Sucre. Newest recruit to the Anges team, I'm a bumbling little mass of baking enthusiasm and macaron obsession.
Anges de Sucre entered my life when I was busy planning for my dream wedding. Through the magic medium of twitter and the fabulous peeps at Brides Magazine, we locked RT's (that's retweet to non-tweeters) and have been inseparable ever since. Our first meeting was love at first macaron and we've not looked back. Anges de Sucre were booked to bring the dessert to the big white wedding with three flavours; the 100% Organic Papua New Guinean Vanilla, the citrus loved Orange, and personal fave - Peanut Butter. And with that booking, I started my journey on becoming an Ange myself!


That's big Ange Reshmi setting up at Clarice House

Photography: Chris Giles


Macarons Macarons Macarons

Photography: Chris Giles


Our glorious Contemporary Tower

Photography: Chris Giles

Before escaping to walk down the aisle, I made my Anges debut at The Designer Wedding Show at Battersea Park in London alongside our newest product - Posh Pops. Meeting lots of brides-to-be and fellow suppliers totally cemented and readied this Mini-Ange for all that was to come post wedding!


These heart Posh-Pops are so sweet and just small enough to sneak into the jacket pocket with a ring for a surprise proposal, and big enough for two to bite into. We've inscribed messages such as "Marry Me" and "My Love" on them (she will nearly always say "Yes!". Guaranteed! 60% of the time, everytime).

Photography: Anneli Marinovich

Having jetted off on my honeymoon luxury, I returned to the training world of macarons and all they entail. It's nitty, gritty and downright glorious to spend the day surrounded by almonds, ganache and sugar paste. It's even better to chat with brides-to-be about their dream macarons and indulge in tastings over good coffee.
The macaron world at Anges de Sucre is brimming over with exciting flavours and an even more exciting new online shop. We are getting well stuck into 2013 with much panache and lots of good tunes on the radio. This Mini-Ange is totally welcomed into the Anges world and ready to take on the macaron mountain.
Happy 2013! Becky x

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