It's Going to Be a Happy 2013!

I got my first ever onesie this Christmas and I'm amazed why I never got one any earlier. Its super warm soft-woven cotton-coziness has been said to feel like a cuddly teddy bear's womb and I can confirm this having spent most of the holidays in mine. I do resemble a bear in mine, so will work my hardest in refraining from stepping out in it, although we really could've done with them as our official Anges uniform over the past month. We are starting off our 2013 in a brand new, sparkling and shining, in all its stainless steel glory, kitchen with plenty warmth. Which means we'll be leaving the onesies at home. Drats.


This one might be a wee bit snug for us but how cute is it? Available here.

Our 2012 has had some epic bits - we've changed premises thrice, we've changed ovens...also thrice, we've got new Ange Becky on board, we've got our beautiful packaging in, we've created more than 30 flavours, we've established some great relationships with trusted suppliers, and we've launched this website! With a series of ups, we've had a few downs too, but I can be proud to say that finding our feet, and more importantly, establishing our feet, has been a rewarding challenge. Being featured on Brides and Wedding magazines, and supplying to some great and varied brands and venues such as Vivienne Westwood, Lanesborough Hotel Knightsbridge, Saatchi Gallery Chelsea, Corinthia London UK, and The Wisley Golf Club Surrey have been some real highlights that hopefully will propel us further into Macaron-Megalomania!


Our blingin' boxes have arrived!


So what are we looking forward to in 2013? Our much-awaited shop launch, Valentine's Day (heart posh pops proposals!), some exciting projects and press, Easter, the Royal Baby, weddings, and hopefully our long overdue honeymoon.
  Here's a sneaky shot of our Peanut Butter & Banana. *Swoon*


  Wishing everyone the best for 2013 on behalf of us all at Anges de Sucre, Reshmi xoxo

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