Hot Off the Press! Wedding Magazine December/January 2013

Wow wow wow chekkit chekkit! Our two page spread in Wedding Magazeeeeeen is out!


I can't tell you how proud and pleased I am with this feature. It's beautiful, with a full-on blown-up pic of our Strawberry Daiquiri macaron from our Cocktail Collection. It's clever with some really flattering copy. And it's TWO WHOLE PAGES of MACARON MAGIC! I do feel a little bit, a teeny tiny wee bit, embarrassed to admit that I went to our local newsagent everyday, religiously, first thing in the morning without any make-up on, for a whole week to see if the issue hit the stands. As soon as it did, I ripped it apart at the shop being such a non-cool-kid and bought the issue at the train station (once back in Blighty...duh). Not only was Anges printed all bright and colourful, Sam's blog about discovering great wedding-y finds in London, a Little London Wedding, were mentioned too. Ah the lovely little coincidental world of weddings.


The zany Strawberry Daiquiri macaron from our Cocktail Collection - it's bursting with fresh muddled strawberries with a liberal dash of top-shelf rum. Party in a macaron.


Raspberry and Matcha Green Tea Macarons.

Funnily we've been receiving enquiries asking where we got this pretty stand from. It's totally Anges, and it's totally gorgeous.


Our very popular Vanilla and Pistachio macaron tower


An espresso shot in a macaron - our organic Coffee baby. It's so smooth and silky. We've replaced our skinny lattes with these. All the pretty and caffeine, without the bloat!


Decadent Champagne and Gold Leaf from our Cocktail Collection. OTT? Never!

Go go go grab your copy now and perv at all the gorgeousness! Before I go, take a look at our beautiful weddings cakes!


Reshmi xoxo

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