Pretty Pastel Cutesy Little Bridesmaids and Pageboys

This little styled shoot full of lovely little people made me really want little kiddies at our wedding. Look how happy they all look! All smiles, fun, and cuteness!

Vintage floral mistress Gwenda of The Vintage Floral Design Co. orchestrated a bridal inspiration styled shoot at the Secret Garden, Kent, full of pretty pastels, cute kids in cute bridesmaids and pageboy outfits, lovely crockery, bunting, an OMG button cake and pastel macarons all captured on camera by the lovely Kat Forsyth. As much as it pains me using these words as I find them so over-used in the bridal blogosphere, I can't describe this shoot as anything other than whimsical and magical. As there are no unicorns, or pumpkin-carriages here, I think the whimsy and the magic are all down to the happy faces, the colours, the action, the face-painting, the buttons, pretty much everything. This makes me want to be a kid again, and get married again. Actually, a lot makes me want to get married again (to CTO that is!), so yeah, just being a kid then.   Beautiful blooms by The Vintage Floral Design Co.

Darling non-naff cupcakes by Elizabeth Solaru

Look at that pretty dessert table! Gorgeous cupcakes, THAT BUTTON CAKE, pastel macarons



And here come the girls! Gorgeous dresses by Tiara and Tails, mignon button bouquet by Beaubuttons, shoes by Emmy, bling by Vintage Gems and Victoria Mary Vintage, and all spruced up by Carla Ramsay I wish everytime was tea-time and my tummy was actually a bottomless never-expanding pit for carbs and lipids. But it's not. Anyway, tea-time is the best time.


All this loveliness has been featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings - yay! A big thank you to Gwenda for getting everyone together and creating such a joyful visual treat! Reshmi x


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