Heart Shaped Macarons

Heart shaped macarons for weddings and loved ones

An actual heart is kind of minging. It's bulbous, gloopy, uneven, veiny and has tubes sticking out of it. Yet it has come about to the shape we all know and accept as a symbol of love and soul worldwide and, as cheesy and cliched as it is, heart-shaped anythings mfake me smile. As today I'm particularly gushy I'm all over my cute little heart macarons.  

Anges de Sucre's 100% organic Papua New Guinean vanilla pod heart macarons for London Bride. Photography: Eddie Judd

So why am I gushy? Exactly one year ago we were married, and I know this is rather banal saying this, but it was the best time of my life. It was day 2 of our wedding itinerary which started with a welcome cocktail evening at a beach shack in Barcelona with tapas and mojitos and our closest friends and family members from around the world.
I couldn't imagine being any happier than I was during that time, and after all the planning and anticipation I am still surprised for not ever thinking "now what?". We've had such a mental year full of stress and smiles. For Anges de Sucre things got into turbo gear, with the highlights being the National Wedding Show, getting featured in Brides (online AND in print! Whaaat!), the website, packaging to name a few. There really is no time for "now what?" and we are still yet to go on honeymoon. However, today I'm going to look back at our wedding and roll around in warm and fuzzy feelings and feel the love with some love-heart-macarons even though the CTO is fighting away snakes and bugs in the jungle in Papua New Guinea while I'm fighting away the glum. I didn't keep a slice of wedding cake as I was supposed to :(.  Despite us not being together physically, it's still a happy anniversary. Especially with a beautiful surprise bouquet and a smart new note-pad to take to meetings (in lieu of my grubby old egg-white stained moleskine) as my "paper" anniversary present and a box of macaron hearts. 


Reshmi x

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