Bespoke Matcha Dim Sum Birthday Cake

We love whipping up bespoke birthday cakes in our London bakery and sometimes the best ideas come from our customers! While I steer clear of novelty, purely out of no interest in sugar paste modelling or fondant covered cakes, I am enjoying working with modelling chocolate to create some delicious little decorating elements that are treats in their own right.

Chocolate dim sum

Modelling chocolate tastes delicious and is in a whole other league to fondant. Yup, it's £££, after all it IS chocolate and we use gorgeous Belgian Callebaut to make ours plus there's every single detail that's hand made, but I feel it's only sensible to create cake decor that people will actually enjoy eating, as opposed to glamourous lumps of sugar.
Bespoke Birthday Cake London
A lovely customer spotted the chocolate chip cookie dough dim sum on Instagram and requested a bespoke birthday cake by customising our popular Choco Matcha Doughnut cake with our dim sum. There was one very particular specification though - laying the chopsticks down as opposed to upright as the latter is considered unlucky in Chinese culture.

Bespoke Birthday Cake London
I think this cake looks absolutely delightful and super cool with the chocolate cookie dough siu Mai, har gau and woh teep/gyozas.

Happy Birthday Kenneth! Hope you had a brilliant birthday on your visit to London and were happy with your cake :) We sure were while making it!
Lots of love,
Reshmi xoxo

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September 14, 2017


I saw this amazing matcha cake with dimsum and wondering how much it will be?

Thanks in advance!

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