Birthday Cakes and Cake Decorating Class

This week we delivered big milestone birthday cakes to the Haymarket Hotel, Balthhttpazar restaurant, Dead Dolls House in Islington, along with the ever increasing van load of cakes to Selfridges bakery counter and homes stretched all across London spanning north, south, east, west. No exotic locations this week (you Cambridge, Oxford, Portsmouth etc) but I am seeing SO many corners of London that I never have in my 14 years here!


Cake rave everyday @selfridgesfood @theofficialselfridges ?

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I also met three really fun girls for a cake decorating class where I taught them how to decorate their very own chocolate drip cake. One even happened to be from my home-town Kuwait! In fact, I've taught quite a few students from Kuwait now...somehow we find each other, which is always nice as I do miss Kuwait and my friends and family. 

Cake Decorating Class London

The best thing after a heavy week of baking and caking is to of course put my feet up, but also to see the tagged photos flooding in on Instagram of the cakes and their recipients. I loved this shot of our star-cake, the MacDreamy, by @wethefoodsnobs!

Caramel Birthday Cake

I also totally adore Trang's photos of herself and her matching birthday cake from her party at the Dead Dolls House on Upper Street! 

Birthday CakeHave a gorgeous Sunday everyone. 

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo


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