New Gorgeous Watercolour Cakes

Good golly, these new watercolour cakes are just WONDERFUL.

Since the calm after a whirlwind three months crammed with seasonal peaks (Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Easter!) we've relaxed a little and started playing more in the kitchen. After what seemed like being on a permanent go-go-go mode it was nice to get to work with a little less pressure on the plate and more painting. And by painting I mean these beautiful Monet-style cakes with a blended "watercolour" style smooth buttercream finish.

The Pink Flamingo is probably my favourite of the three new designs. Those hand-made white chocolate feathers are just so delightful. 

Pink Flamingo Cake

The Frozen Cake was an accidental surprise. I started creating a cake with a nautical theme but got derailed while listening to Let It Go and ended up designing a Queen Elsa inspired one instead, complete with icy chocolate shards and meringues.

Frozen Cake

The clear favourite on Instagram however is this Monet-Antoinette macaron and buttercream flower adorning towering babe just chilling in the fridge at HQ. I have NEVER seen such a response to a cake on our Instagram account before!

Watercolour Wedding Cake

So which one would be your favourite?!


Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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