Frankie's Fun and Flirty 30th Birthday Cake

It's a doddle creating a bespoke cake for someone you know well. Especially when that someone is as bright and bubbly as Frankie!

I'm lucky to have met Frankie through work when she was modelling at a shoot a good few years ago and her sparky personality warmed me to her instantly. She has since gone on to become an awesome and inspiring personal trainer that I can personally vouch for as I was feeling the best I ever have about my body I while she was whipping me into shape.

So you'd think personal trainers are all about the paleo-sugar-free-gluten-free-fun-free-clean-eating types, surely they wouldn't be caught dead eating deliciously dirty cake?! Well, birthdays count as cheat days and the best Personal Trainers clearly know how to cheat in the best way, and Frankie knows BEST above all the rest.

Peanut Butter Birthday Cake

I knew making a bespoke cake for a friend is a doddle, but what I hadn't known was that it was going to be a cake that would be one of the most gorgeous we've made till date! I know Frankie loves colours, and could eat her body weight in Peanut Butter. So we carefully tinted Peanut Butter Swiss meringue buttercream in fun bright colours and blended them in our new watercolour frosting style on chocolate sponge layers to decorate our new two-tier size that feeds 18 (4" and 6" stack). We loaded it up with Peanut butter double dipped macarons, raspberry macarons, golden peanut butter cups, and her favourite raspberry and peanut butter muffles i.e. marshmallow truffles (now with VEGGIE mallow filling!).

Peanut Butter 30th Birthday Cake

Now if THAT'S not worth cheating for what is?!

Happy 30th Frankie - here's to another dirty decade full of peanut butter fuelled burpees.

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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