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Gift Bag of 9 Heidi Muffles

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The DADDY of all dessert mash-ups! People of great taste, meet the Muffle, aka Marshmallow Truffle. Each individually hand-crafted Super Muffle Heidifeatures a creamy Belgian white and milk chocolate marbled shells rolled in roasted crushed peanuts and filled with plump organic vanilla bean pod mallow fluff and a gooey sea-salted caramel surprise finish.


Each order contains 1 bag of 9 muffles in total.

Ingredients and Allergies: Muffles contain pork gelatin, nuts, peanuts, gluten, dairy and may contain traces of food colouring and soya. Not suitable for vegetarians.

Storage: Muffles are best looked after by storing in an air-tight container in a cool, dark and dry space - not to be refrigerated.

Best before: Up to 6 days from date of dispatch.