Available in Selfridges, London |  COVID-19 DELIVERY INFO


Meet the hottest and most delicious hybrid in town - the Muffles, aka Marshmallow Truffles!

Happiness we’re told is when you have something to really look forward to
And what makes you even happier is when that ‘something’ is new.
Wait no longer for something brand new has just come to town
So now is the time to dispense with all your worries and that frown.
So no need to make any more of a kerfuffle
Just come online and sample that muffle There’s absolutely nothing more to be said
Until you have tasted that delicious mallow truffle hybrid.


Since launching our very own dessert hybrid invention the Muffles have garnered quite the loyal cult following, featured in Zagat's guide, and they are now available to buy in Selfrdiges and online for delivery all across mainland-UK

If you can't get enough of our tasty Muffles (we don't blame you), you can now order in larger quantities! Perfect for events, client gifts or as thank you's. Simply buy online on our corporate gifts page.