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Macaroons Party Pack - Nuts-about-Elvis Double-Dunk

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At Anges we take education very seriously. So here are some of our favourite educational factoids on peanuts:

1. Peanuts are not nuts. They're legumes, ie a type of plant with seeds that grows inside pods like peas or beans. Also unlike nuts, which grow on trees, peanuts grow underground.

2. Peanuts are also known as goobers or monkey nuts. (Anyone else find that absolutely hilarious?!)

3. Peanut Butter was one of Elvis Presley's favourite things to snack on.

On that note, our Nuts-about-Elvis Double Dunk macarons will make you go nuts if you dig peanut butter as much as we do. Peanut butter and white chocolate ganache sandwiched between two macaron shells and dunked in creamy white chocolate and crushed peanuts hits the sweet-n-savoury spot oh so well.

So grab a tray and impress everyone with your new-found knowledge when you serve them up. They're particularly suited to serving at parties, weddings, press launches, anywhere!

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