Drinking Hot Chocolate

Gourmet hot chocolate made in London by Anges de Sucre

Buy online and your hot chocolate will delivered to your chosen address. Standard delivery is currently free. We offer three types of super high  hot chocolate, dark, milk and white. 

Why hot chocolate?

Who doesn't like a cup of warming cocoa on a winters night? A decadent hot chocolate made with great quality chocolate can only make the experience more enjoyable.  

Why hot chocolate by Anges de Sucre?

Our hot drinking chocolate is only good because we are able to source great quality ingredients thanks to the hard work of an awful lot of people from the growers to the delivery drivers. The recipes for the hot chocolates are kept the same throughout the year however the flavour sometime changes due to the cocoa beans changing or us changing them.

How to make a hot chocolate?

There are two ways to serve the hot chocolate, both have their merits.
  1. Melt the hot chocolate in a saucepan on a low heat adding milk until it reaches your desired thickness and intensity. 
  2. Melt the hot chocolate in a pan with a very small bit of milk until it is completed melted. Serve in a jug with of hot milk on the side.  The drinker then makes his own hot chocolate by mixing the two. It's fun and tastes delicious.