Animal Birthday Cakes

Everyone has a favourite animal, right? Kids grow up loving them, and adults love them too. If anything, the popularity of Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth documentary series proves just how much we all love animals.

Seeing one’s favourite animal, sculpted out of edible sugar paste, sitting atop or nestled within a birthday cake will make anyone’s special day that much more brilliant. You want to guarantee making an animal-lover smile on their birthday? Get a cake for them with their favourite animal figurine on! It’s a no brainer.

Our edible animal figurines are each individually hand-modelled and sculpted. We do this days in advance of actually baking the cake as the models need to set and dry before being used to decorate the cake, hence we advice a bit more notice for our animal birthday cakes than our other luxury birthday cakes.

Due to the highly individualistic process of sculpting these animal figures, no two figure is ever the same. This means the cake is TOTALLY unique to the special birthday boy or girl, just like them. Our Ellie the Elephant cake, Monkey Business and Kung Fu Panda cakes are popular for kids' birthdays. And for an extravagant choice - you couldn’t do better than our Jungle Animal Cakescape - featuring a whole host of cute edible animal models of lions, tigers, giraffes, monkeys, hippos and snakes.

Don’t spot your favourite animal in our collection? We’d LOVE to hear from YOU! Send us an email with your animal of choice, date of delivery, and portions required with an approximate budget and we’ll get back to you with a quote to make you your perfect animal birthday cake.