Triple Decker Mascarpone Matcha Latte Cake

Ah I’ll never forget the first time I took a sip of a creamy pale green matcha latte. Do you remember yours? And if you haven’t tried one, you’re seriously missing out, trust me!

Matcha Green Tea

Creamy matcha latte goodness | Pic via Amy Chaplin

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, I’ll give you a quick low down on this matcha malarkey. Unlike conventional green tea which is usually steeped in hot water and discarded, matcha is the result of grinding down the whole green tea leaf into a super fine and super potent vibrant green powder.

Green Tea Powder

Super strong matcha tea powder | Pic via Eat Clean Tea

In large quantities, it’s bitter and highly concentrated, but combine it with hot water or frothy milk and it becomes an amazingly refreshing and invigorating drink. If you’ve never tried it, the only way I can think of describing the flavour is: complex, creamy, earthy, bitter, with a faintly sweet aftertaste…

Which, quite frankly my dears, makes it a rockstar ingredient in baking. Combine it with something sweet like white chocolate or zesty like lemon and you have a crazy good mix of contrasting flavours!

Matcha Cake

Triple Decker Mascarpone Matcha Latte Cake by Anges

This is how our Triple Decker Mascarpone Matcha Latte Cake came into creation… We grabbed some of the best matcha tea powder we could lay our hands on, baked it into a cake and whipped it into our signature Swiss meringue buttercream… and then added chocolate brownie, red velvet, mascarpone cream cheese and white chocolate ganache for good measure! The result is a beautiful mix of sweet and creamy flavours with a distinctive green tea twist.

Matcha Chocolate Cake

Matcha white chocolate ganache in teeny chocolate cups by Anges

And if you needed any persuading to give matcha a go, here’s proof that our matcha cakes are basically a health food…

Matcha has 137 times more antioxidants than conventional green tea

Because it’s made from the entire tea leaf, you get all the nutrients, vitamins, fibre and antioxidants. Which is what we need for cell renewal = everlasting youth right?!

Matcha is more effective than coffee

Shot for shot, it contains more caffeine than coffee, so you’ll get a better energy boost. If the mention of the word coffee, makes you want it, check out our range of Coffee Cakes!

Matcha promotes mental clarity

The amino acid L-theanine that naturally occurs in green tea calms and relaxes the body, without you losing any focus. It’s also slow-release across 6-8 hours so you won’t crash as you do with coffee.

Matcha burns calories

People who consume matcha daily have found their metabolism boosted by 35-40%, which means you’ll burn more calories than usual while you sit eating cake!

Matcha stabilises blood sugar levels

The dietary fibre it contains can help regulate insulin spikes… which, er, totally counteracts the sugar in the cake right?!

You can order one of our matcha infused cakes for special birthdays, our Mademoiselle Matcha Croquembouche Wedding Cake is pretty special for larger occasions.  

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