This Summer's Top Stories About Cakes

Ever look at the news and instantly wish you hadn’t? With a strong focus on the dark and dramatic, it can be hard to come away feeling good having read the news, so we’ve decided to bring you the summer’s top cake related stories, guaranteed to put a smile on your face (and give you a craving for something sweet!).

Labrador found guilty of eating cake baking competition entry

The mystery of the missing lemon drizzle cake in a cake baking competition in Northumberland has been solved, with thanks to evidence found in the form of two muddy paw prints. Far from managing to derail the competition, the furry thief luckily left enough cake for it still to be entered in for the judging, although it sadly failed to win any prizes. Violet, the Labrador who stole the cake, however, appeared to give it a 10/10.


Lemon drizzle was revealed as the nation’s favourite cake

The UK is a country famed for its afternoon tea and Victoria Sponge cake, but when it comes to playing favourites, it’s the lemon drizzle cake that hits the top spot, being voted the nation's favourite cake. When it comes to the global favourite, however, this was revealed to be the classic chocolate cake, coming up top in a whopping 81 countries. For a super zingy and zesty lemon sponge, try our lemon sponge recipe (it's also vegan, but shhh nobody can tell).

Vegan Lemon Cake Recipe


The never-ending wedding cake 

It is traditional for the top layer of the wedding cake to be preserved, in order to be used at the christening of the couple’s first child. One couple from America, David and Anne Cowburn, have taken it a step further however and for the last 49 years, they have been eating their wedding cake on their anniversary. The 49-year-old cake, which is vanilla in flavour, has seen its fair share of changes, moving house five times and pre-existing the birth of three children. Sadly, after almost 50 years of munching, the cake is nearly over. The couple have come up with an innovative plan in order to make the most of the final crumbs though, by adding them to a brand-new cake. We wonder how long that one will last?

Stephen Yang 50 year wedding cake Image: Stephen Yang

The Queen always carries chocolate biscuit cake

Got a sweet tooth? Well, don’t worry because you’re in good company! The Queen's previous chef has revealed that the Queen has such a sweet tooth, she carries her favourite cake around with her. If you thought the Queen would show favour for the traditional fruit cake or a Victoria Sponge, you’d be wrong however as her favourite flavour cake is chocolate biscuit cake. Such is her fondness for the cake that she has even been known to ensure she has a piece with her when in transit. Cake for the road? Why, you cheeky cookie monster you.


Meghan Markle and the Queen won’t be fighting over cake

Whilst the Queen may have a sweet spot for chocolate biscuit cake, the latest member to join the royal family has a preference for carrot cake. Recently celebrating her 38th birthday, Meghan Markle opted for carrot cake, decorated with citrus fruits and a personalised message reading ‘Happy Birthday Meghan.’ We don’t blame her, as we’re Crazy For Carrot Cake too. At least there won’t be any arguing with the Queen over who gets the last slice!

Crazy for Carrot Cake

An amusing spelling mistake for birthday girl Liz

A toddler in America has ended up with an unfortunate spelling mistake when it came to the icing on her cake. The little girl called Liz, was nicknamed by her parents ‘Lizard,’ so her mother, Melin Jones, ordered a cake topped with ‘Happy Birthday Lizard.’ But due to a miscommunication with the bakery, what she actually ended up with was a cake topped with ‘Happy Birthday Loser.’

Happy Birthday Loser Cake

Image: Melin Jones

Luckily Liz was too young to be able to read the topping and the parents saw the amusing incident as just that.


Getting married is a pizza cake!

A large global pizza restaurant is now offering couples the chance to have a tiered wedding pizza cake after noting the increase in pizza being served at weddings, particularly to guests who are only there for the evening part of the big day. If you want to pay homage to your favourite fast food on your big day, without sacrificing having a cake, then be sure to check out our Triple Decker Fast Food Cake or our bespoke pizza cake!

 Pizza Cake London


100th Birthday? Don’t bin it off!

A woman turning 100 was given an amazing birthday after her bin collectors decided to surprise her on her birthday with a cake, candles and singing. The lady was so blown away by the lovely act that she even shed a tear and the video showing the act of kindness went viral on the internet.


Keep the happy cakey news coming!


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