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The Weirdest Birthday Cakes

I was curious and did what anyone curious does - googled "weirdest birthday cakes". I saw photos of pooping bum cakes (really!) and a very life-like coiled up Cobra snake cake (which would literally make me poop my pants) amongst other gems like a drunk-vomming-into-the-bog-Barbie cake. There are some SERIOUSLY WEIRD and hilariously brilliant birthday cakes out there. 

But we too have our own weird yet wonderful birthday cake creations that are unique to us. I'd say our weirdest by far is the Triple Decker Fried Chicken & Waffle cake - it takes someone really cool to order this one's a CHICKEN AND WAFFLE CAKE! Needs no further explanation on why that's weird and cool. Safe for veggies too ;) This particular one was actually spotted on Tinie Tempah's Snapchat - woohoo!

Weird Fried Chicken Birthday Cake

Our next weirdest cake is the Triple Decker Dim Sum cake. The dim sum looks rather like real dim sum, except it's made of chocolate dim sum wrappers and filled with chocolate chip cookie dough. Totally not to be dunked in soy sauce.

Weirdest Birthday Cake

And then there's our Triple Decker Netflix&Chill cake which I actually think is the weirdest, way weirder than Fried Chicken & Waffle. Why? Because of the name and its connotation. This cake is one of our surprise top sellers, and I always have a little chuckle when someone orders it. 

I do like brainstorming and coming up weird birthday cakes - if it adds to the fun of the day on top of tasting brilliant of course then I consider the job ruddy well done.

Can't wait to surprise you guys with what's next!

Lots of love,

Reshmi xoxo

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