The World of Anges

Mystery Macaroon Competition - Oreo Cookies & Cream

After such an incredible response to our first ever MysteryMac competition we'll be doing one monthly! The MysteryMac comp is where I post a teasing pic and ask followers to guess the flavour - tag a friend in your response and you may both win a baggie each in guessing the right answer! So our first one was this:

Mystery Macaron Competition Instagram


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I'm Only Happy When it Rains (and when eating Lime & Basil Macaroons)

"Yay!!! The HOTTEST day of the year!!! Woohooo! Let's take our tops off!" said no chef ever.

33 degrees in London means 45 degrees in the kitchen. Our chefs are literally MELTING. We're considering ditching the chef whites, baking in bikinis and calling ourselves Anges de Sexy. No, not really. That's never going to happen (unprofesh, innit). What does get us a nano-degree cooler in there other than the industrial air-con is the fresh zest of zingy limes and basil in our brand new macaron flavour - Lime & Basil!

Macarons London

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Why supermarkets refuse to stock our products

Best Macaroons in London

After a few years in business trading online via my little website, I was dreaming of being on every single big supermarket shelf with our macaroons (French macaroons...aaah this transition is so hard!), and then-fledgling (now-massive) marshmallow range and actually dreaming about buying MY OWN stuff from the big Waitrose on Gloucester Road, and queuing up at the tills behind hundreds of people with baskets full of my mac 'n mallow treats, then going to the big Tesco on Earl's Court Road to stock up even more, and then running to the Sainsbury's local like the world was going to end tomorrow. Oh and then after I'd cleaned out all the supermarkets of our stock I'd be running to our shop to hide out during the zombie apocalypse (hey, it is a dream after all).

So when we started getting calls and emails from distributors asking if we'd thought about approaching supermarkets with our delightful range my hopes shot up - could my dream be coming true?! Like, fer realz?

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French Macaroon Recipe: Pistachio 'Pistache Vera' Macarons

The recipe I'm sharing in this post is a classic - everyone loves a pistachio macaron. Something so luxe about it, and the pastel green shade is just lovely! The big difference between a good pistachio macaron and a bad pistachio macaron is umm...PISTACHIOS. Some cheaper versions use little (or nil!) genuine pistachios and bulk up with almond essence or fakey flavourings. It's gross. Just use the real stuff and you'll be so glad you did.

Pistachio French Macaroon (Macaron) Recipe

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The French Macaroon and its Rise to Popularity 

Strawberry macaroons

Macarons in their current form were ultimately made popular in France in the early nineteenth century by a number of bakers including Pierre Desfontaines and Claude Gerbet who lay claim to inserting the filling between two macaron shells. A number of regions in France also make claim to the history the macaron, some of which have become extremely angry at Laudree for marketing that they invented it, nonetheless they have certainly helped its claim it fame.

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